TRADESMAN - SMITHY - FORGING AND HEAT TREATING - kerala psc previous question paper


1. The term forging refers to :
(A)Plastic deformation
(B)Plastic deformation
(C )Stress deformation
(D)Strain reveling

2.A very difficult forgable material is :
(A)Maraging Steel
(C )Magnesium alloy
(D)Nickel alloy

3.The highly elastic material is :
(C )Glass

4.Slow and progressive deformation is called :
(C )Creep

5.When a material is subjected to cyclic periodic loading, the property' occurring is :
(C )Hardness

6.Hooke's Law states that:
(A)Stress x Strain = Constant
(B)Strain - Stress = Constant
(C )Stress = Constant Strain
(D)Stress + Strain = Constant

7.The process of forming new grain structure with reduced grain size when a metal is heated and deformed is called :
(C )Melting

8.Hot working temperature of steel is :
(A) 370-455°C
(C ) 315°C
(D) 1100-1260’C

9.length of work piece is reduced by :
(A) Upsetting
(B) Fullering
(C ) Flattening 
(D) Piercing

10.The cooling medium in normalising is : 
(A) Water 
(B) Oil
(C ) Air
(D) Artificial Coolants

11. Pure Iron melts at :
(A) 380oC
(C ) 370oC
(D) 1539°C

12. Martensite is : 
(A) Ductile
(B) Hard
(C ) Soft
(D) Brittle

13. Toughness is the ability to absorb : 
(A) Impact
(B) Stresses
(C ) Load
(D) Heat

14.Heat treatment is done to change :
(A) Magnetic properties of metal
(B)Physical properties of metal
(C ) Mechanical properties of metal
(D) Electrical properties of metal

15.Which of the below is not a surface hardening process ?
(A) Nitriding
(B) Carburising 
(C ) Cyaniding 
(D) Annealing

16.A brittle material is : 
(A) Mild steel 
(C ) Low carbon steel
(B) Cast iron 
(D) Plastic

17.Gamma Iron has the crystal structure of:
(B) sc
(C ) hep
(D) fcc

18.The property by which a material absorbs energy without plastic deformation is :
(A) Resilience
(B) Hardness
(C ) Tensile Strength
(D) Toughness

19.In forging operation, work piece is usually subjected to :
(A)Tensile stress
(B)Shear stress 
(C )Bending stress
(D)Compressive stress

20.Forging is a:
(i)Hot working operation
(ii)Cold working operation
(iii)Operation that involves pressing Of these statements :
(A)(i) is true
(B)(ii) and (iii) arc true 
(C )(ii) is true
(D)(i) and (iii) are true

21.Hotdie forging is also known as :
(A)Roll forging
(C )Isothermal forging
(D)Precision forging

22.Thebody of Anvil is made of:
(A)Mild steel
(B)High carbon steel 
(C )High speed steel
(D)Cast iron

23.In Anvil, hardie hole is used for :
(A)Bending rods of small diameters
(B)Hot punching operation
(C )Holding square shanks
(D) Cutting operation

24.In smithy operation, for general pick up work :
(A)Straight - lip fluted tong is used 
(B)Flat tong is used
(C )Gad tong is used
(D)Ring tong is used

25.Necking down of work piece is done by :
(C )Flatters
(D)Set hammer

26.Flux used in forge welding is :
(A)Calcined Borax
(C )Nitric Oxide
(D)Calcium Carbonate

27.The method of preparing metal pieces for forge welding is called :
(C )Reaming

28.Drop forging comes under :
(A) Smith die forging
(B) Impression die forging
(C )Power forging
(D)Hand forging

29.Forging process for shaping round bars is called :
(A)Press forging
(B)Rotary forging 
(C )Drop forging

30.Iron with little or no carbon is called :
(C )Pearlite

31.The hardening response of steel to heat treatment is measured by :
(A)Brinell Test
(B)Jominy Test
(C )Morse Test
(D)Knoop Test

32.Which of the following metal is magnetic ?
(C )Copper

33.The metal used for die casting is :
(C )Zinc

34.Metal with low melting point is :
(C )Zinc
(D)All the above

35.Galvanization is the process of coating :
(C )Nickel

36.Age hardening of non-ferrous metals is called :
(A) Case hardening
(B) Nitriding
(C ) Precipitation hardening
(D) Surface hardening

37.Dolomite is an important ore of:
(C )Magnesium

38.The process of making blind holes is :
(C )Blocking ,
(D) Bending

39.The process of hammering a heated bar into aligned die cavity is called :
(A)Press forging 
(B)Drop forging
(C )Roll forging
(D)Rotary forging

40.Pitting of the forging surface is caused by :
(B)Over heating
(C )Scale
(D)Low heating

41.The defect occurred in some alloy steel due to rapid cooling from forging temperature is:
(C )Cracks

42.The defect caused by misalignment between top and bottom forging dies is called :
(A) Fins and rags 
(B) Die shift
(C ) Cracks
(D) Hair cracks

43.Simple way to remove scale from a forged part is :
(A) Using steam and compressed air 
(B) Pickling
(C ) Tumbling process
(D) Blast cleaning

44.The Final treatment after forging is done to :
(A) Remove stresses
(B)Make the forged parts cool
(C ) Make the forging hard and tough 
(D) To clear cracks

45.Flat forging of gear blanks are usually done by :
(C )Hammering

46.During tempering, forged parts are cooled using :
(C )Air

47.The mechanism used in presses for freeing the work piece from a die is called :
(A) Die set
(B) Knock out 
(C ) Stroke '
(D) Stripper

48.The process of thinning the walls of a shell by forcing it through a die with a punch is called :
(C )Re-drawing

49.Vacancy is :
(A)Point defect
(B)Line defect
(C )Surface defect
(D)Volume defect

50.Which one of the below is used to eliminate coarse grained structure :
(C )Cyaniding

51.Quenching is the process of:
(A) Rapid cooling of metals
(B) Slow cooling of metals
(C ) Intermediate cooling of metals
(D) Heating of metals

52.The ability of the material to resist deformation is :
(A) Ductility
(B) Creep
(C ) Fatigue strength 
(D) Stiffness

53.Poisson's ratio is the ratio between :
(A) Strain to longitudinal stress 
(B) Transverse strain to axial strain 
(C ) Longitudinal stress to axial strain 
(D) Longitudinal stress to strain

54.For ductile materials, factor of safety is :
(A)Ultimate stress/Design stress
(B)Induced stress/Design stress
(C )Yield stress/ Design stress 
(D)Design stress/ Yield stress

55.Carbon content in cast iron is :
(C )8.3-9.2%

56.The hardest known material is :
(A)High speed steel
(C )Ceramics

57.The ability of a material that can be drawn into thin wire is :
(B)Tensile strength
(C )Creep

58.Alloying of vanadium increases :
(A)Toughness and wear resistance of steel
(B)Hardenability of steel
(C )Oxidation resistance of steel
(D)Corrosion resistance

59.The purest iron is :
(A) Wrought iron 
(B) Pig iron
(C ) Electrolytic iron 
(D) Cast iron

60.TTT stands for :
(A)Time Temperature Transformation
(B)Temperature Toughness Time
(C )Toughness Transformation Time
(D)Total Time Transformation

61.The welding accompanied by the application of pressure is :
(A)Gas welding
(B)Fusion welding
(C )Plastic welding
(D)Arc welding

62.The change of state of alloys due to variation in temperature and concentration is represented by:
(A) Phase rule
(B) Phase diagram
(C ) Equilibrium diagram
(D) Graphs

63.The fuel used in hearth is :
(A)Coke .
(C )Methane

64.The forging temperature of wrought iron is :
(B)900- 1300°C
(C )750-1250°C

65.An English anvil has :
(A)Two beaks
(B)No beaks
(C )Three beaks
(D)One beak

66.Swage block is made of:
(A)Mild steel
(C )Cast iron
(D)High carbon steel

67.Open mouth tong is used to hold :
(A)Heavier stock
(B)Round stock 
(C )Square stock 

68.Cold chisel has a cutting angle of:
(C )30°

69.Necking down of a work is done by :
(A)Set hammer
(C )Fullers

70.Before scarf welding the ends of work pieces are :
(A)Made square
(C )Filed

71.The forging machine working by pressure are called :
(B)Pressure hammers
(C )Presses
(D)Ramming machine

72.Thecommon mass of Anvil is about:
(A)150 kg 
(B) 200 kg
(C )100 kg 
(D)250 kg

73.Thevice commonly used in smithy is :
(A)Hand vice 
(B) Bench vice
(C )Carpenter's vice
(D)Leg vice

74.Theangle of double cut file is :
(A)60° and 80° 
(B) 60° and 70°
(C )80o and 50°
(D)45° and 60°

75.Thematerial for hacksaw blade is :
(C )Tool steel
(D)Vanadium steel

76.Prick punch has an approximate included angle of :
(C )35°
(D) 40°

77.Least count of steelrule is :
(A)0.5 mm
(B)0.05 mm
(C )0.25 mm
(D)0.1 mm

78.For smithy operation an anvil used to hold small work piece is :
(A)Bench vice
(B)Hand vice
(C )Bick iron
(D)Leg vice

79.Tool used to level and finish the comers of flat surfaces is :
(A)Set hammer
(C )Drift

80.Effective length of a file is the distance from :
(A)Point to the heel
(B)End of handle to thepoint
(C )Tang to edge
(D)Tang to point

81.The River which originated from the "Gaymukh" cave of Himalaya :
(C )Sindhu

82.The Indian Museum situated in the place of:
(C )Delhi

83.The institution which calculates India's national income :
(A)Central StatisticalOrganisation
(B)Planning Commission
(C )National DevelopmentCouncil
(D)Finance Ministry

84.National Rural Employment Guarantee Act was passed in the year :
(C )2008

85.The architect of first five year plan of India is :
(A) R. Rangarajan
(B)K.M. Raj
(C ) J.C. Kumarappa
(D) P.C. Mahalanobis

86.The Cashewnut Research Station of Kerala is existed in :
(C )Anakkayam

87.'Ashtamudi kayal' existed in the district of:
(C )Alappuzha

88. The District with least coastal plains 
(A) Emamkulam 
(B) Kollam
(C ) Kannur
(D) Kasaragode

89.The town 'Cheruthuruthy' situated on the River bank of : 
(A) Kadalundi 
(B) Bharathapuzha 
(C ) Periyar
(D) Chaliyar

90.Name the agitation started in Kerala as a protest against the constitutional reforms of 1932 : 
(A) Channar revolt
(B) Kayyur riot
(C ) Punnapra vayalar agitation 
(D) Nivarthana agitation

91.The founder of 'Prathvaksha Raksha Daivasabha (PRDS) was : 
(A) Ayyankali
(B) Pandit Karuppan
(C ) Kumara Guru
(D) Kumaranasan

92.Who conducted 'Yachana Yathra' from Trichur to Kasaragode to collect money for the programme of educational reforms ?
(A) Poikayil Yohannan
(B) Dr.Palpu
(C ) V.T. Vattatirippad
(D) Chattampi Swamikal

93.Identify the founder of 'Ananda Mahasabha' :
(A)Ayya Vaikundar
(C ) Brahmanada Sivayogi
(D) Mannathu Padmanabhan

94.When did Father Kuriakose Elias Chavara was beatified by Pope John Paul II ?
(C )1982

95.The district which firstly declared as 'Smoke Free District' in India :
(C )Ernamkulam

96.Name the literary works which secured Odakkuzhal award in 2013 :
(B)ManushyanuOru Amukham
(C ) Aarachar
(D) Ammakku Oru Tharattu

97.The first Malayalam University of Kerala is setup in the District of:
(C )Palakkad

98.How many digits consists in the unique idnumber of AADHAR ?
(C )10

99.'Operation New Dawn' is the beginning of stability in :
(C )Iraq

100.The Bodo language is spoken in the state of:
(C )Arunachal Pradesh

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