TRADESMAN - TURNING- TECHNICAL EDUCATION - kerala psc previous question paper

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Maximum : 100 marks
Time : 1 hour and 15 minutes

1. An oily floor should be cleaned by:
(A) Cotton waste
(B)Putting water
(C ) Putting saw dust or sand
(D)Spraying carbon dioxide '

2.The file used for trimming the rough edges of soft metal casting:
(A) Bastard file
(B)Rough file
(C ) Rasp file
(D)Second cut file

3.The cutting angle for chipping mild steel is:
(A) 65°
(C ) 55°

4.The box nut of bench vice is made of:
(A) Mild steel
(B)Gun metal
(C ) Phospharous bronze
(D)Alloy steel

5.The point angle of drill depends on:
(A) Drill materials
(B)Work materials
(C ) The size of drill
(D)The R.P.M and feed of the work

6.The distance, which the cutting edge of a tool passest over the material in a minute machining, is known as:
(C ) Machine speed
(D)Cutting speed

7.The suitable cutting fluid for drilling mild steel in a centre lathe is:
(A) Distilled water
(B)Synthetic soluble oil
(C ) Soluble oil
(D)Mineral oil

8.The process of enlarging the end of hole for accommodating the socket screw head:
(A) Counter boring
(B)Counter sinking
(C ) Spot facing
(D)Step boring

9.Calculate the tapping hole size for a M10 x 1.5 precision screw thread:
(B) 8.5
(C ) 10
(D) 9.2

10.The purpose of rake angle is :
(A)To prevent the flank of the tool rubbing with the work piece
(B)To increase the tool life
(C )To prevent tool from jamming
(D)To guide the chip away and avoid clogging

11.The main advantage of orthogonal cutting is:
(A)It distributed load on larger area
(B)It is suitable for rough turning
(C )More depth of cut can given
(D)Suitable for finish turning

12.The most important quality of any cutting fluid is:
(B) Viscosity
(C ) Specific gravity
(D) Adhesiveness

13.A M.S round 30 mm dia. and 100 mm length has to be turned 25 mm dia. in one cut for full length r.p.m and feed rate is 200 and 0.2 mm respectively, turning time is:
(A)2.5 minutes
(B)5 minutes
(C )2 minutes
(D)5.5 minutes

14.Lathe bed are made out of:
(A)White cast iron
(B)Grey cast iron
(C )Alloy steel
(D)General purpose steel

15.The centre drill size is selected on the basis of:
(A)Length of work
(B)Type of operation
(C )Diameter of work
(D)Material of the work

16.Running the drill too fast, result in :
(A)1Rough hole
(B)Spoiling the cutting edge
(C )Over sized hole
(D)Poor surface finish

17.The included angle of vee groove in 'V block is:
(C )120°

18.Which of the following is NOT the part of combination set?
(A)Centre head
(C )Swivell head
(D)Protractor head

19.When the taper shank of the drill is larger than the tailstock spindle bore, the device to hold the drill is?
(A)Drill socket
(B)Drill sleeve
(C )Drill drift
(D)Drill chuck andkey

20.For a hole 0 10 mm, the reaming allowance should be about:
(A)0.2 mm
(B)2 mm
(C )0.4 mm
(D)0.6 mm

21.The tail stock offset method of taper turning, amount of offset may be measured:
(A)Using micrometer, caliper with offset gauge
(B)Vernier depth gauge and steel rule
(C )Steel rule measure the distance between dead centre and tool
(D)Using cross slide graduated collar and feeler gauge

22.The property of metal by virtue of which it offers resistance of abrasion, indentation or wear is known as:
(A) Hardness 
(B) Toughness 
(C ) Malleability
(D) Ductility

23.The least count of vernier bevel protractor is:
(A) 0.5
(B) 5' 
(C ) 5"
(D) 0.5e

24.For grinding carbide materials:
(A) Aluminium oxide wheel is used 
(B) Carundum wheel is used 
(C ) Diamond wheel is used

25.A grinding wheel is marked 51 A 46 K 5VBE. What does 5 denote:
(A)Kind of abrasive
(B) Kind of bond
(C ) Structure
(D) Grain size

26.The teeth of hacksaw blade are set to:
(A)Provide clearance for blade
(B)Prevent jamming and breakage of blade
(C )The cut is to be broader than the-thickness of the saw blade
(D)All of above

27.The pitch of 3-start thread is lead divided by:,
(C )9

28.Which of following reamer particularly suitable for reaming holes having key way groove:
(A)Pilot reamer
(B)Taper reamer
(C )Helical reamer
(D)Straightfluted reamer

29.The effect of using glazed or loaded wheel is:
(A)Poor surface finish
(B)More heat generated
(C )Excessive cutting pressure between the wheel face and work surface
(D)All of above

30.Screw threads are produced without metal removing by a process called:
(A)Thread chasing
(B)Thread rolling
(C )Tapping
(D)Thread grinding

31.Buttress threads are most commonly used for :
(A)Resisting force exerted in one direction
(B)Special bolt and nut in structural work
(C )Transmission of motion
(D)By lift heavy load

32.In hole basis system:
(A)The size of the shaft is made constant
(B)The size of the hole is made constant
(C )The permissible tolerance are given on the hole and shaft
(D)Only allowance is given on hole

33. The pattern of the work surface caused by movement of cutting tool is known as :
(A) Waviness
(C ) Roughness spacing
(D)Surface texture

34.Which one of following indicates the Ra value:
(A) 0.001 mm
(B)0.00001 mm
(C ) 0.0001 mm
(D)0.01 mm

35.Lathe mandrels can be termed as:
(A) Jig
(C ) Fixure

36.Jig is device which:
(A) Locate the work piece
(B)Guide the cutting tool
(C ) Hold and supports the work piece
(D)All of above

37.Cast iron is used for manufacturing machine beds because:
(A) It is harder and brittle metals
(B)It can resist more compressive stress
(C )  It is heavy in weight
(D)It is cheaper metal

38.Galvanized iron is coated with:
(A) Zinc
(C ) Tin

39.Bronze is an alloy of:
(A) Copper and tin
(B)Copper and zinc
(C ) Copper and lead
(D)Lead and tin

40.Which one of the following is physical property of metal?
(A) Corrosiveness
(C ) Ductility

41.Liquid carburising is done in heated salt bathwhich one of following NOT a carburising salt:
(A) Sodium carbonate
(B)Sodium sulphate
(C ) Barium choloride
(D)Sodium cynide

42.Lead is a metal used for balancing weight dunng lathe face plate works the reason for this is that lead is:
(A)Most toughest 
(C ) Most elastic 
(D) Most ductile

43.Which one of following metal has less carbon content:
(A)Wrought iron
(B)Cast iron
(C )Mild steel
(D)Tig iron

44.Annealing is a process of heating the steel above upper critical temperature and cool it:
(A)Atmospheric air
(B)Quenching inoil
(C ) Covered with dry ash or dry lime 
(D) Quenching in casustic soda

45.Centre line of the contact rollers and datum surface of the sine bar are:
(C )Inclined
(D)Same line

46.In a vernier micrometer, vernier scale is graduated on:
(C )Spindle

47.Which instrument is used for checking the inside size of slots or holes:
(A)Comparator gauge
(B)Snap gauge
(C )Ring gauge
(D)Telescopic gauge

48.In which one of the following standard tapers, it is easy to determine the taper dimensions when the specification is given in number:
(A) Jarno taper 
(B)Morse taper
(C ) Metric taper
(D)Brown and sharpe taper

49.In a multi start thread, the axial advancement of bolt in to the nut for each revolution of the bolt:
(A) Root 
(C ) Crest 
(D) Pitch

50.A work piece is to be manufactured with a minimum dimension of GO mm and tolerance of 0.02 mm Which is designation correctly for the above tolerance dimension?
(A) 60. 0000.03 
(C )-0.N 60 0 01
(D)60 =0.02

51.A capstan lathe meant for bar work has a bar feed mechanism and a hollow main spindle. The hollow main spindle has a provision to mount:
(A)For Jaw chuck
(B)Self centering chuck
(C )Collect chuck
(D)Combination chuck

52.Which taper is used on spindle nose of the lathe head stock?
(A)Brown and sharpe taper
(B)Morse taper
(C )Jarno taper
(D)Pin taper

53.C.N.C lathe machines have built in co-ordinates measuring system, the zero position of this co-ordination system is called:
(A)Work zero point
(B)Machine zero point
(C )Reference point
(D)Program zero point

54.Which one of following factors will NOT influence the selection of cutting speed?
(A)Work material
(B)Operation to be performed
(C )Tool material
(D)Diameter of work piece

55.Taper turning by using compound slide method can cause the following defect?
(B)Steep taper can’t produced
(C )Internal taper can’t produced
(D)Poor surface finish

56.Tool makers buttons are used for:
(A)Setting the tool correct centre height
(B)Aligning the work piece for boring to given datum
(C )Adjusting the slackness in guid ways of cross-slide
(D)Holding the work piece and Guiding the tool

57.When using taper turning attachment, the depth of cut given by?
(A) Compound slide
(B) Cross - slide
(C ) Tail stock
(D) Adjusting tool

58.A follower steady consists of:
(A)One pad 
(B) Four pad 
(C ) Three pad 
(D) Two pad

59.While using the form tool method of taper turning:
(A) Carnage to be locked
(B)Cross slide to be locked
(C ) Top slide to be locked
(D)Tail stock to be locked

60.Which among the following centre is suitable when work piece held between centres to be turned at high speed?
(A)Tipped centre
(B)Ball centre
(C )Revolving centre
(D)Insert-type centre:

61.The hand of the thread that is being cut is determined by the rotation of the:
(A)Main motor
(B)Main spindle
(C )Feed shaft
(D)Lead screw

62.The taper ratio of standard metric self holding taper is:
(C )1:30

63.Which one of the following ferrous metal can't be melted into a liquid state?
(C )Cast iron
(D)Pig Iron

64.The filler metal used during brazing is an alloy of:
(A) Copper and zinc
(B) Copper and tin
(C ) Lead and copper
(D) Zinc and lead

65.Which one of the following mechanical properties is most essential for the metals to undergo forging operation?
(A) Elasticity
(B) Tanacity
(C ) Plasticity
(D) Fusibility

66.Which among the following will have least coefficient of expansion? 
(A) Tungsten
(B) Cromium
(C ) Vanadium
(D) Nickel

67.Which one of the following properties increase when the property of hardness of metal is increased?
(C )Malleability

68.Which one of the following is used for gas carburising?
(C )Oxygon

69.Which one of the following tool material is used to make forged turning tools to work at low cutting speeds?
(A) High speed steel
(B) Tungsten carbide tool
(C )High carbon steel

70.Which one of the following work materials need carbide tools with chip breakers for rough
(A) Cast Iron 
(C ) Mild steel
(D)High tensile brass

71.A lathe half centre is used to:
(A)To turn long work piece
(B)To turn taper turning
(C )For general purpose
(D)To face the work piece up to end of centre hole

72.The width of tool used to cut 10 mm pitch square thread is:
(A)10 mm
(B)2.5 mm
(C )5 mm
(D)20 mm

73.Heat treatment of metal is necessary:
(A)To make good appearance of component
(B)To make the metal rust - proof
(C )To increase strength of metal
(D)To produce certain desired properties

74.The measured size of dimension of component is called:
(A)Basic size
(C )Allowedsize
(D)Actual size

75.A follower study is held on the:
(A) Lathe bed 
(B) Tail stock 
(C ) Lathe carriage
(D) Lathe spindle

76.A taper ring gauge is used for checking: 
(A) External taper 
(B)External thread 
(C ) Internal taper
(D)Internal thread

77.The number of threads per inch can be checkod with a:
(A)Screw thread micrometer
(B)Metric steel rule by counting
(C )Screw pitch gauge
(D)Centre gauge

78.Which thread arc used in lathe lead screw?
(A)Square thread
(B)Buttress thread
(C )Acme thread
(D)Worm thread

79.Zero error in micrometer means:
(A)Micrometer is true
(B)There is gap between the spindle and anvil
(C )Zero mark on the thimble not visible
(D)Zero on thimble and datum line on sleeve do not coincide when measuring faces are in contact

80.The maximum clearance between hole 30-000 and shaft 30'001
(A)0.03 mm
(B)0.01 mm
(C )±0.03 mm
(D)30.02 mm:

81.Who was the chief Guest of India’s 65th Republic Day in 2014?
(A) Shinzo Abe
(B) Yoshihiko Noda
(C ) Naoto Kan
(D) Toshiki Kaifu

82.Next winter Olympics will be held in south korea in which year:
(A) 2018
(C ) 2016

83.World Cancer Day Observes on:
(A) 4th February
(B)10th February
(C ) 28lh February
(D)19th February

84. First deputy Chairman of Planning Commission in india:
(A) Ashok Mehta
(B)Gulzarilal Nanda
(C ) Sardar vallabai Patel
(D)Man mohan Singh

85.The Parliament of Japan is known as:
(A) Congress
(C ) Assembly
(D)General Courts

86.First Person to declined the Nobel Prize:
(A) Jean  Paul Sartre
(B)Mo Yan
(C ) Marie Curie
(D)Frederick sanger

87.Yogakshma Movement was started in which year:
(A) 1908
(C ) 1919

88.The first country that gave women the right to vote in1893:
(A) England
(C ) France

89.Who was the director of the Malayalam movie"News paper Boy*?
(A) I.V. Sasi
(C ) Priyadarsan

90.Ambedkar Jayanthi celebrates on:
(A) 14th April
(B)15th April
(C ) 20th April
(D)5th April

91.Recently UN Human Rights Council passed a resolution against an asian the name of that country:
(A) Pakisthan
(C ) Srilanka

92.Headquarters of Green Peace Foundation:
(A) Armsterdam
(C ) Cairo

93.Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam established in which year:
(A) 1903
(B) 1911
(C ) 1928
(D) 1924

94.First President of Indian Science Congress:
(A) Dadabai Naoroji 
(B) J.C. Bose
(C ) Vikram sara bai
(D) Sir Asutosh Mukheijee

95.Who was the first winner of Rajiv Khel Ratna Award?
(A) Visw anathan Anand 
(B)Sachin Tendulkar
(C ) Geet Sethi
(D)Karnam Malleswari

96.Article 21A of the Indian constitution refers to:
(A) Right to Education
(B) Right to freedom 
(C )Right against exploitation
(D) Right to equality

97.The First Chief Election commissioner of India:
(A) Sukumar sen 
(B) M.S. Gill
(C ) Smt. Ramadevi
(D)R.V.S. Peri Sastri

98. National animal of Nepal:
(A) Goat 
(B) Cow  
(C ) Lion
(D) Bear

99. Name the country win the 20-20 World cup cricket 2014:
(A) India 
(B) Pakisthan 
(C ) Srilanka 
(D) England

100. New Chief justice of Supreme Court of India:
(A) Justice K.G. Balokrishnan 
(B) Justice P. Sathasivam 
(C ) Justice A.S. Anand 
(D) Justice Rajendra Mal Lodha

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