TRADESMAN TOOL AND DIE MAKING - kerala psc previous question paper


Maximum : 100 marks
Time : 1 hour and 15 minutes

1. Steel rules are made up of:
(A)Spring steel
(B)Mild steel
(C )Cast iron
(D)High carbon steel

2.These calipers are also known as Hermaphrodite calipers.
(A)Jenny caliper
(B)Firm joint calipers
(C )Spring calipers
(D)None of the above

3.The angle of prick punch is :
(A)60 degree
(B)45 degree
(C )30 degree
(D)53 degree

4.The saw used for manual sawing is known as :
(A)Band saw
(B)Hack saw
(C )Circular saw
(D)Jig saw

5.The method of setting saw teeth in which one tooth remains straight, the next bent to the right, the next bent to the left is known as :
(A)Wavy set
(B) Regular alternate set
(C ) Racker set
(D) Straight set

6.The function of the gullets provided on saw blade is :
(A)To act as a bearing surface 
(B)To remove the chips from the cut 
(C ) For providing cutting clearance
(D) For perfect cooling action

7.The size of bench vice is specified by :
(A)Weight of vice 
(B)Length of spindle 
(C ) Width of jaws
(D) Length of handle

8.The narrow and thin part of a file which fits into the handle is :
(B) Heel
(C )Tip
(D) Tang

9.In single cut file the teeth are at an angle of degree to the centre line.
(C )57
(D) 60

10.These files are available only in half round shapes.
(A)Rasp cut file
(B)Single cut file
(C )Doublecut file
(D)Curved cut file

11.--------------is the cutting edge of a drill bit which penetrate into metal while drilling.
(C )Tang
(D)None of the above

12.Drift is used for :
(A) Checking squareness and flatness 
(B) To remove the drill from the sleeve 
(C ) To fit the drill into the chuck 
(D) For holding the work while reaming

13.drill is used for producing holes in softer materials like wood and plastics.
(A) Straight fluted drill
(B) Twist drill 
(C ) Core drill
(D) Flat drill 

14.Tap is used to size the thread.
(A) First tap 
(B) Finishing tap 
(C ) Second tap
(D) Bottoming tap

15. The hammers head is made up of: 
(A) Cast iron 
(B) Zinc passivated mild steel 
(C ) Plain carbon steel
(D) Drop forged carbon steel

16.The point angle of a general purpose standard drill is :
(A)118 degree
(C )90 degree

17.Vernier calipers is used to measure an accuracy of:
(A)0.02 mm
(B)0.3 mm
(C )0.05 mm
(D)1.0 mm

18. For all ranges of micrometers the graduations marked on the barrel is :
(A)(0-25) mm
(B)(0-50) mm
(C )(0-100) mm
(D)(0-20) mm

19.Iron is almost pure iron.
(A)Cast iron
(B)Pig iron
(C )Malleable iron
(D)Wrought iron

20.Metals which have little or no iron are called :
(A)Non - corrossive metals
(B)Non metals
(C )Alloys
(D)Non - ferrous metals

21.Toughness i« the property' of a metal:
(A)Ability to withstand shock
(B)Ability to resist the effect of compression
(C )Ability to withstand scratching
(D)By virtue of which it melts when heated

22.When metal can be drawn out in tension without rupture it is said to be :
(C )Strong

23. The relationship existing between the mating surfaces of the parts because of difference in dimension is called :
(A) Limit
(B) fit
(C ) Tolerance

24.Negative clearance is called :
(A) Inter changeability 
(C ) Fundamental deviation
(D) Allowance

25.For drilling abrasive materials--— drills are used.
(A) High speed drills 
(B)Tungsten carbide drills
(C ) Carbon steel drills
(D)None of the above

26. Most commonly used drills in metric series ranges from :
(A) (1 mm - 12 mm)
(B)(3 mm — 20 mm)
(C ) (0.35 mm - 25 mm)
(D)(1 mm - 24 mm)

27.The operation of producing large hole by specially designed tool is known as
(A) Spot facing
(B)Counter boring
(C ) Trepanning

28.Peripheral speed of a drill surface whichis in contactwith the work is :
(A) Feed
(C ) Cutting speed
(D)Relative motion

29.Bessemer process is used for producing :
(A) Cast iron
(C ) Steel
(D)Pig iron

30.Basically steel is an alloy of:
(A) Nickel and Chromium
(B)Iron and Carbon
(C ) Iron and Cobalt
(D)Cast iron and Nickel

31.High carbon steel containing more than 0.9% carbon are known as :
(A)Mild steel
(B)Tool steel
(C )Dead mild steel
(D) Structural steel

32.In a lathe if the tool moves perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the work to produce a flat surface it is known as :
(A)Taper turning
(B) Plain turning
(C )Boring
(D) Facing

33.The best material for a lathe bed is :
(A)Tend steel
(B)Wrought iron
(C ) Plain carbon steel
(D) Alloy cast iron

34.The part of a lathe which converts the rotary motion of the lead screw into linear motion of the carriage is :
(A)Head stock
(B)Feed rod
(C )Chuck

35.The accessory used in a lathe to prevent the deflection of work piece under the action of cutting tool is :
(B) Collet chuck
(C ) Tail stock
(D) Bar feeding mechanism

36.The function of a mandrel in a lathe is
(A)For holding irregular work
(B) Taper turning
(C ) Holding hollow work
(D) For holding special tool

37.The process of indentation of various forms on a cylindrical work surface is :
(A)Shoulder turning
(B)Parting off
(C )Knurling

38.The tail stock sot over to turn a taper of 10 mm per 250 mm for a work piece having 250 mm length is:
(A)3 mm
(B)5 mm
(C )10 mm
(D)2.5 mm

39.The gear ratio for cutting threads of 2.5 mm pitch on a lathe with a lead screw of 6 mm pitch is:
(C )2.5/60

40.Crank and slotted link mechanism is provided with :
(A)Milling machine
(C )Shaper

41.The process of dividing the periphery of work piece into any number of equal divisions by using dividing head is known as :
(A)Straddle milling
(B)Slab milling
(C )Indexing
(D)Profile milling

42.The chip space between the back of one tooth and the face of the next tooth of a milling cutter is:
(A) Land 
(C ) Fillet
(D) Gash

43.The term----------------applied to a grinding wheel refers to the tenacity or hardness with which the bond holds the abrasive grains in place.
(A) Grit
(C ) Structure
(D)Mush number

44.For flat position welding the recommended flux coating is :
(A) Cellulose
(C ) Iron oxide
(D)Basic coatings

45.For tool grinding the recommended grit number for the grinding wheel is :
(A) (12-30)
(B)(30 - 80)
(C ) (14 — 80)
(D)(20 - 56)

46.The technique of machining utilizing the thermo-electric source of energy is adopted in :

47.In a gear tooth the radial distance from the pitch circle to the outside diameter is known as :
(A) Adendum
(B)Adcndum circle
(C ) Tooth thickness

48.Fixture is a :
(A) Work holding device
(B)Tool holding device
(C ) Locating device
(D)Work holding and tool guiding device

49.3-2-1 principle is applied for:
(A) Positioning the fixture
(B)Locating the component
(C ) Clamping the component
(D)Selection of grinding wheels

50.Box jig containing bushing on two ormore sides is called ;
(A) Latch jig
(B)Channel jig
(C ) Indexing jig
(D)Tumble jig

51. The die in which the cutting operation is combined with forming operation is :
(A)Progressive die
(C )Blanking die
(B)Compound die
(D)Combination die

52.The operation in which the punch is made to size and the clearance is provided on the die is : 
(C )Lancing

58.The cutting operation in which hole is partly cut and bending down the cut portion is :
(A)Cutting off
(C )Lancing

51.The chemical process of remelting, in the formation of a new compound whose molecular weight is a multiple of that of the original substance is known as :
(A)Nuclear fission
(B)Nuclear fusion
(C )Polymerisation

55.Choose the thermosetting plastic from the following : 
(A) Polystrene 
(B) Synthetic rubber 
(C ) Urea formal dehyde 
(D) Vinyl acrylic

56.The basic method of moulding thermo plastics is :
(A) Compression moulding
(B) Injection moulding
(C ) Transfer moulding
(D) Sand moulding

57.The female portion of the mould which gives the moulding its external shape is :
(C )Kunner

58.The part of the mould through which the molten material is injected into the impression is : 
(A)Register ring
(B)Sprue hush
(C )Coro
(D)Core plate

59.When a core is machined from a block of steel or cast in one piece, it is termed as :
(A)Insert core
(B)Integer core
(C )Bolster core
(D)Direct core

60.For the ejection of thin- walled box  type mouldings-------------ejector pins are used :
(A)Stepped ejector pin
(B)D-shaped ejectorpin
(C )Z-shaped ejector pin
(D)None of the above

61.For ejection of circular bosses on a moulding the ideal ejection method is 
(A)Pin ejection
(B)Sleeve ejection
(C )Bar ejection
(D)Air ejection

62.The principle of withdrawing the sprue puller through a plate, in order to eject the feed system is incorporated in :
(C )Mushroom headed
(D)Reverse taper cold slugwell type

63.The type of gate used for large thin - walled components to assist in the production of warpage free products:
(A)Ring gate
(B)Pin gate
(C )Film gate
(D)Diaphram gate

64. The moulding method used to produce hollow objects like bottles in thermo plastics is :
(A)Slush moulding
(B)Transfer moulding
(C )Flow moulding
(D)Investment casting

65.The system in which any number can be expressed based upon powers of 2 is 
(A)Denary system
(C )Binary

66.‘The intensity of pressure at any point in a  fluid at rest is the same in all directions”. This statement is known as :
(A) Newton’s law
(B)Charles law
(C ) Bernoulli’s law-
(D)Pascal’s law

67.Poppet valve is 
(A) Direction control valve 
(B)Flow control valve
(C ) A valve used in toys
(D)Pressure control

68.-----------------valves are basically electromagnets.
(A) Globe valves
(B)Rotary valves
(C )Sluice valves
(D) Solenoid valves

69.The study of the behavior and application of compressed air is known as :
(A) Dynamics
(B) Aero dynamics
(C )Hydraulics
(D) Pneumatics

70.The system in which the command signal is constantly compared with the feed back position Signal is :
(A) Open loop system 
(B)indirect control system
(C ) Transmission system
(D)Closed loop system

71.In programming the code m 06 represents:
(A)Start spindle rotation
(B)To indicate end of tape
(C )Rewind stop cod
(D)Command to execute the change of tool

72.The science which deals with the behavior of liquids at rest is :
(A)Hydro kinetics
(C )Hydro kinematics

73.Choose the spark erosion technique from the following :
(C ) CHM.

74.Choose the duplicating device from the following :
(B)Jig saw
(C )Hydraulic intensifier
(D)Indexing head

75.In a power press the connecting rod to transmit motion from the main drive to slide is known as :
(A) Pitman 
(C ) Punch
(D)Guide post

76.----------------is used in progressive die to bring the stock strip into the correct position for the succeeding operation.
(A) Pilot
(B) Knockout
(C )Crank
(D) Guidepost.

77. Annealing is done :
(A) For relieving stress 
(B) To harden the surface 
(C ) For surface smoothness
(D) For improving microstructure for good surface finish

78.Slip hushes are used in :
(A) Drill jig
(B)Milling fixture
(C ) Grinding fixture
(D)Welding fixture

79.The space between the punch and die opening is:
(A) Clearance
(C ) Deviation

80.The phenomenon of spring back is associated with :
(A) Bending
(C ) Taper turning

81.The basic objective of the 12th five year plan is :
(A) To achieve faster growth
(B)To attain more inclusive growth
(C ) To achieve sustainable growth
(D)All of the above

82.Which is the largest union territory of India?
(A) Andaman & Nicobar
(B)Daman & Diu
(C ) Lakshadweep

83.In which year the river Ganga was declared as the national river of India?
(A) 2007
(C ) 2008

84.The scheme started by the Govt in 1999-2000 to provide food to senior citizens who cannot take care of themselves and not under the National Old age Pension Scheme.
(A) National Food Mission
(B) Annapurna
(D) Anna Amrutham

85.Who is the author of the book ‘Poverty and Un-British Rule in India'?
(A)V.D. Savarkar
(B)Amarthya Sen
(C )Dadabhai Naoroji
(D)Surendranath Banarjce

86.Who was the first General Secretary of A ITU C?
(A)Lokmanya Tilak
(B)Lala Lajpath Rai
(C )C.K. Das
(D)DewanChaman Lal

87.Which of the following acts is known as the Act for the Good Government of India, abolished the Hast India Company, and transferred the powers of government, territories and revenues to the British crown?
(A) Indian Council's Act of 1882 
(B)Govt of India Act of 1858
(C ) Regulatory Act of 1773
(D)Pitts India Act of 1781

88.Which region of Ukraine joined with Russia in March, 2014?
(C )Lithuania

89.Which of the following team won the Ranji trophy, Irani Cup and Vijay Hazare trophy in the 2013-14 cricket season?
(C )Sendees

90.Winners of Santosh trophy 2014 is 
(A) Manipur 
(B) Maharashtra 
(C ) Mizoram 
(D) Railways

91.'12 Years a Slave' which won Oscar for the best film in 2011 is directed by Steve Me Queen, belongs to which country?
(C )South Africa

92.Which is the largest wild life sanctuary in Kerala?
(C )Purambikulam

93.Who was the first scheduled caste person become the member of Sreemoolam Praja Sabha (Popular Assembly)?
(A) Pandit K P; Karupan
(B) P.K. Chathan Master
(C )K.P. Madhavan
(D)Ayyan Kali

94.Arrange the following events in the correct chronological order.
(1)Vaikkom sathyagraha
(2)Consecration of Lord Siva at Aruvippuram
(3)Formation of PRDS
(4)Temple entry proclamation
(A) 1,2.3,4
(B) 3,2,1,1
(C ) 2,3,1,4
(D) 4,3,2,1

95.Who led hunger march from Kannur to Madras to address the various problems such as unemployment, poverty and agricultural workers’ problems?
(A)A.K. Gopalan
(C )P. Krishna Pillai
(D)K. Kelappan

96.Who wrote the hook 'Jaathi VyavsthUium Kerala Charithravurn’(‘Caste System and History of Kerala’?
(A)E.M.S. Namboodirippad
(B)P.K. Balakrishnan
(C )N. Krishna Pillai
(D)Swadeshabhimani Ramakrishna Pillai

97.Which one of the following Articles considered by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar as ‘the heart and soul of the Indian Constitution?
(A)Article 19 (fundamental freedoms)
(B)Article 32 (constitutional remedies)
(C )Article 14 (equality before law & equal protection of laws)
(D)Article 21 (protection of life and personal liberty)

98.Which among the following district in Kerala is known as the “treasure house” of Spices?
(C )Pathanamthitta

99.Which one of the following chess tournaments is considered as a qualification to contest with the existing FIDE world chess champion?
(A)Chess Olympiad
(B)Linares Chess Tournament
(C )Queenstown Chess Classic
(D)Candidates Tournament

100.Who told, “Untonchability is a crime against god and mankind”?
(A)Dr. Ambedkar
(B)Jyotiba Phule
(C )Mahatma Gandhi
(D)Swami Vivekanandan

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