LABORATORY TECHNICIAN GR II LABORATORY ASST - kerala psc previous question paper


Maximum : 100 marks
Time : 1 hour and 15 minutes

1. The Normal Glomerular filtration rate is :
(A) 2 ml/minute
(B)2 ml/sec
(C ) 2 litre/minute
(D)2 litre/sec the causative agent of syphilis.
(A) Salmonella typhi
(C ) Treponema pallidum

3.A platelet diluting fluid :
(A) Rees — Ecker solution
(B)Hingle Mann’s fluid
(C ) Dunger’s fluid
(D)Hayem’s fluid

4.Bombay blood group can be detected by :
(A) Cell grouping
(B)Cross matching
(C ) Serum grouping
(D)Rh typing

5.Father of Microbiology:
(A) Edward Jenner
(B)Louis Pasteur
(C ) Robert Koch
(D)Robert Hook

6.Staining method for the demonstration of hormonal status in 

cytology :
(A) Shorr’s stain
(B)Albert’s stain
(C ) Giemsa stain
(D)Pap’s stain

7.CAMP test is used for the identification of :
(A) M. pneumoniae
(B)Strep, agalactiae
(C ) Strep, pneumoniae
(D)Staph, aureus

8.The abnormal urinary protein seen in Multiplemyeloma :
(A) Albumin
(B)Bence - Jones Protein
(C ) Peptidoglycan
(D)C — reactive protein

9. In Westergren’s method of ESR estimation the anticoagulant and 

blood used in the ratio :
(C )9:l

10.Beer’s - Lambert’s law is the working principle of :
(A) Spirometer
(C ) Colorimeter

11.Largest WBC :
(A) Lymphocyte .
(C ) Histocyte

12.Study of joints is called :
(A) Cytology
(C ) Arthrology

13.H5N1 is a :
(A) Protozoan disease
(B)Viral disease
(C ) Fungal disease
(D)Bacterial disease

14.The Normal Sperm Count is :
(A) 80-160 million/ml
(B)20 - 40 million/ml
(C ) 4.5 - 6 million/ml
(D)100—140 million/ml

15.Anticoagulant of choice in Haematology :

16.Muller’s method is used for demonstrating :
(A) flagella
(C ) capsule

17.In automated blood cell analyser blood cellsare count by :
(A) Impedence
(C ) Transmittance

18. Which of the following factor increases ESR value :
(A) Albumin
(C ) Microcyte

19.Blood carrying capacity of Sahl’s pipette :
(A) 0.2 ml
(B)0.02 ml
(C ) 2 ml
(D)20 ml

20.Which of the following is not a red cell indices?

21.Serum differs from plasma due to the absence of:
(A) Fibrinogen
(C ) Thromboplastin

22.In autoclave, sterilization occurs at:
(A) Moist heat at 100° C
(B)Moist heat above 100°
(C ) Moist heat below 100° C
(D)Moist heat at 160° C

23.An example of blood parasite :
(A) Entamoeba
(C ) Plasmodium

24.Abnormal constituent present in urine during starvation :
(A) Ketone bodies
(C ) Bile salts

25.Most of the human pathogenic bacteria belongs to :
(A) Carboxy philic bacteria
(B)Psychrophilic bacteria
(C ) Mesophilic bacteria
(D)Thermophilic bacteria

26.The blood product’used for the treatment of haemophilic 

patients :
(C )Packed red cell

27. Hormone detected in pregnancy test:
(A) Oestrogen

28.The immediate precursor of RBC :
(A) Myelocyte
(B)Megakaryo blast
(C ) Reticulocyte

29.are called universal donor.
(A)0 gp
(B)AB gp
(C )A gp.
(D)B gp

30.NPN substance present in blood :
(A) Glucose
(C ) Urea

31.An example for explosive chemical:
(B)Picric acid
(C ) Acetic acid

32.The only artery which carry impure blood :
(A) Coronary artery
(B)Renal artery
(C ) Hepatic artery
(D)Pulmonary artery

33.Buffy coat contains :
(A) leucocyte and platelets
(B)erythrocyte and platelets
(C ) platelets only
(D)leucocyte and erythrocyte

34.Structural and functional unit of Nervous system
(A) Nephron
(C ) Gyri

35.Eosinophilia seen in :
(A) Typhoid
(C ) Asthma
(D)Chicken pox

36. The magnification of High Power objective :
(A) 10 X
(B)5 X
(C ) 100 X
(D)45 X

37.Specific gravity of urine can be measured using :
(A) Urinometer
(B)Spectro photometer
(C ) Lactometer

38.Arrangement of RBC in pile of coins is called :
(A) Agglutination
(B)Osmotic fragility
(C ) Rouleaux formation

39.Selective medium for M. tuberculosis :
(B)L.J. Medium
(C ) MNYC medium

40.Confirmatory test for AIDS :
(B)Southern blot
(C ) Western blot

41.Reabsorption of sodium in renal tubule under theinfluence of:
(A) Serotonin
(C ) ADH

42.Breakdown product obtained by Haemoglobin metabolism :
(A) Bilirubin
(C ) Urea

43.The bacteria arranged in Chinese letter pattern :
(A) Chlostridium tetani
(B)Campylo bacter
(C ) Brucella
(D)Corynebacterium diphtheriae

44. Weil’s disease is related to :
(A) Toxoplasma
(C ) Leptospira

45.Glucose memory test is the estimation method of
(A) Hb A
(B)Hb A+C
(C ) Hb A1 S
(D)Meth Hb

46.Sterilization method for antibiotic solution :
(A) Ultrasonic vibration
(C ) Radiation

47.The fluid seen in subarachnoid space :
(A) pleural fluid
(B)synovial fluid
(C ) cerebro spinal fluid
(D)peri cardial fluid

48.Digestive enzyme present in saliva :
(A). Ptyalin
(C ) Trypsin

49.Estimation of serum creatinine is based on :
(A) Vanden Bergh Reaction
(B)Berthlot reaction
(C ) Enzymatic reaction
(D)Jaffe’s reaction

50.The term used for the reproducibility of a test:
(A) Sensitivity
(C ) Precision

51.In hypotonic saline RBC shows :
(A) Haemolysis
(B)No change
(C ) Shrinks

52.Colouring agent in Blood grouping antisera B :
(A) Methylene blue
(B) Eosin
(C ) Malachite green
(D) Acriflavin

53.Incomplete Rh antibodies are demonstrated by : 
(A) Direct Coombi Test (C ) Indirect Coombi Test
(B) Cross matching (D) Rh typing

54.Test used to differentiate staphylococci from streptococci:
(C )oxidase

55.The organelle analogous to mitochondria seen in a bacterial 

(C )Polysomes

56.A Haematological disorder due to the reduction in alpha or beta 

Haemoglobin chain :
(A) HDN 
(B) Thalassaemia 
(C ) Aplastic anaemia
(D) Polycythaemia

57.Reagent used for the demonstrating fungus : 
(A) NaOH (C ) KC1
(B) NaCl   (D) KOH

58.Most commonly used dehydrating agent in histopathology :
(A)Methanol (B)Ethanol
(C )Isopropyl alcohol (D)Butanol

59.The gland having both endocrine and exocrine function :
(C )Cowper’s gland

60.Suicidal bag :
(A) Golgibodies
(C ) Lysosomes

61.Life span of RBC :
(A)120 days
(B)40 days
(C )10 days
(D)60 days

62.The normal albumin to Globulin ratio is :
(C )3:2

63.Punctuate Basophilia is a characteristic featureseen in :
(B)Sickle cell anaemia
(C )Metal poisoning
(D)Haemolytic anaemia

64.The confirmatory test for SLE :
(A)Solubility test
(B)ASO -test
(C )RNA test
(D)ANA test

65.Estimation of CSF protein by :
(A)Pandy’s test
(B)Brad Shaw’s test
(C )Hay’s test
(D)Biurette test

66.Good cholesterol is :

67.Variation in size of RBC :
(C )Spherocytosis

68.Instrument for the measurement of BP :
(C )Sphygmomanometer

69.The longest bone :
(C )Tibia

70.Test done to investigate Rhumatoid arthritis :
(A)Widal test
(B)Schik test
(C )Rose Waaler test
(D)Immuno fluorescence test

71.The antibody which can cross placental barrier :
(C )IgD

72.Negative staining is used for the demonstration of:
(A) Cryptococci .
(C )Micrococci
(D)Meningo cocci

73.Black water fever is caused by :
(A)P. vivax
(B)P. ovale 
(C )P. falciparum'
(D)P. malariae

74.An example of non-motile bacteria :
(C )Vibrio

75.Parasite showing Retroinfection :
(A)Trichuris trichura
(C )Ancylostoma

76.Medium suitable for ABST is :

77.In Gram staining Iodine is used as a : 
(A) Decolouriser
(B) Fixative 
(C ) Buffer
(D) Mordant

78. A test done in pregnant ladies having diabetic family history 

(A)GCT  -
(C )APTT  

79.Inactivation of compliment in serum by :
(A)by heating at 37° C for 1 hr.
(B)by heating at 100° C for 30 mts.
(C )by heating at 56° C for 30 mts.
(D)by heating at 120° C for 15 mts.

80.Me Intosh Fildes Jar is used for the cultivation of:
(A)Aerobic bacteria
(B)Halophilic bacteria
(C )Acid fast bacteria
(D)Anaerobic bacteria

81.The author of ‘Darsanamala’:
(A)Kumara Guru
(B)Sree Narayana Guru
(C )Sankaracharya

82.Who wasthe leader of the revolt of 1857 in Delhi?
(A)Bahadursha II
(C )Moulavi Ahammadulla

83.PlanningCommission in India was established on :
(C )1952

84.Nobel Prize Winner of Economics in 2014 :
(A)Eric Betzig
(B)Eugene Fama
(C )Jean Tirole
(D)Alvin E Roth

85. The Temple Entry proclamation of Kochi was issued in the year 

(A) 1936
(B) 1947
(C ) 1949
(D) 1948

86.Seismology is the study of:
(A) Earth quakes
(C ) Rocks

87.Incheon, the Asian games venue of 2014 situated in :
(A) North Korea
(B)South Korea
(C ) South Africa

88.“Give me blood, in turn I will give you freedom”.Who says this?
(A) Bhagatsingh
(B)Chandrasekhar Azad
(C ) Subhash Chandra Bose '
(D)Balagangadhara Tilak

89.Who wrote ‘Jathikkummi’?
(A) Pandit Karuppan
(C ) Swami Vivekananda

90.The ‘Sahodara Prasthanam’ started by :
(A) C. Krishnan
(B)K. Ayyappan
(C ) T.K. Madhavan
(D)K. Kelappan

91.‘Heliocentric theory’ was put forwarded by :
(A) Isac Newton
(B)Charles Darwin
(C ) Albert Einstein

92.The first textile mill was started in :
(A) Surat
(C ) Bombay

93.Telengana state was formed in :
(A) 2 June 2014
(B)12 July 2014
(C ) 4 May 2014
(D)5 August 2014

94.Ilbert Bill controversy took place during the viceroyalty of:
(A) Lord Canning
(B)Lord Rip on
(C ) Lord Lytton
(D)Lord Dufferin

95.Mangalyan’ related to :
(A) Sun
(C ) Mars

96.Odakkuzhal award winner of 2013 :
(A) M.K. Sanu
(C ) M.T. Vasudevan Nair
(D)K.R. Meera

97.Kanneerum Kinavum’ related to :
(A) V.T. Bhattathirippad
(B)Chattampi Swamikal
(C ) Brahmananda Sivayogi
(D)Ayya Vaikundar

98.‘Keralaramam’ was the contribution of:
(A) English
(C ) Chinese

99.The period of 12th Five Year Plan belongs :
(A) 2010-2015
(C ) 2012-2017

100. E.V. Ramaswami Naikar, the social reform leader of Tamil Nadu 

came to Kerala in connection with:
(A) Kayyur revolt
(B) Quit India revolt
(C ) Salt sathyagraha
(D) Vaikkom sathyagraha

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