VOCATIONAL INSTRUCTOR - CATERING -kerala psc previous question paper


Maximum : 100 marks
Time : 1 hour and 15 minutes

1.Asparagus used for cooking is taken from the-------------of the plant.
(A) Leaves
(B) Tuber
(C ) Stem
(D) Fruit

2.The name of the commission formed in 1903 under United Nations, WHO and FAO to establish internationally agreed guidelines for National Food Control Systems :
(A) -Central Committee for Food Standards
(B)Codex Alimentarius Commission
(C )The Nutrition Advisory Committee
(D)Food Control and Regulatory Commission

3.What is Menu Engineering?
(A)An outline of the food to be included in each meal
(B)A selection of menu that matches the right for each segment like soup, sandwiches, salads etc.
(C )To identify the type of menu to be served and the various food preparation methods required for that menu
(D)A mathematical model that compares volume, contribution and cost of each dish on a menu

4.As per western culinary terms what is Carte du jour?
(A)Restaurant Manager
(B) Breakfast Menu
(C ) Restaurant Captain
(D) Menu for the day

5..Oneofthenon-commercial food service sectors is :
(A)Outdoor Catering
(B)Take away Catering
(C )Industrial Catering
(D)Railway Catering

6.FPO and PFA are enforced under the Department of-------in the Union Ministry.
(A)Civil Supplies
(B).Animal Husbandry
(C )Law

7.The secretion from the breast in the first few* days after delivery is called :
(B) Lactoalbumin
(C ) Whole milk
(D) Colostrum

8.What do you mean by XO?
(A) Extra old
(B)Very sweet
(C ) Very dry
(D)Very superior

Identify the Pasta from the following :
(A) Limburger
(C ) Vino da Tavola

10.What do you mean by Par Stock?
(A) A stock of items kept for reuse
(B)To stock items when it is cheaper in the market
(C )A pre-determined level of stock that must always be maintained by re-ordering
(D)Storage of vegetables in dried form

11.The Basal Metabolic Rate is the energy required:
(A)In the body for thermogenesia
(B) For the growth of the body
(C ) For t he muscular activity of the body 
(D) To sustain the body at complete rest

12.Define Break-Even point:
(A)It is the point at which an operation is at zero net income
(B)It is an operation of service with nil breakages of restaurant utensils
(C )It is the point at which an operation cost is at excess of the total expenditure
(D)It is the point at which an operation cost is lower than the total expenditure

13.Calculation of food cost percentage is : 
(A)Food material cost price /  Selling price  x 100
(C ) Selling price x 100 No. of customers
(B)Selling price/Cost price x 100
(D)Net Profit .....
----------x 100
Total cost

14.Which department is responsible for the stock and maintenance of Food and Beverage equipment and utensils in a five star hotel?
(A)Maintenance Department
(B) Food and Beverage Department
(C ) Purchase Department
(D) Kitchen Stewarding

15.What do you mean by Prime Vending in methods of purchasing?
(A)A wide variety of products arc purchased from a local supplier on a charge account basis
(B)A formal agreement with a single vendor to supply a specific amount of product for a specific period of time
(C )Products are purchased in the exact quantity required for specific production demand
(D)Sealed bids or price quotations are invited from suppliers for specific products for a specific time

16.The best temperature for the storage of cigar is :
(A)25°C - 26°C
(B) Refrigerated storage
(C ) 15°C - 16°C
(D) 20°C-21°C

17.What is Chuan in Chinese method of cooking?
(A)Stewing or braising
(B)Quick or rapid boiling
(C )Thinly sliced ingredients dipped in boiling water 
(D) Chinese pickling

18.In yield terminology, what is Edible Portion Weight?
(A)It is the weight of an item upon purchase
(B)It is the weight of an item subjected to processing and preparation methods making it ready for sale to the guests
(C ) It is the weight of an item after the preparation of ingredients before cooking
(D)  It is the weight of an item after cooking excluding gravy

19.The most effective method of giving artificial respiration is :
(A)Press firmly on the back of the person
(B)Lift both hands up and down
(C )Give pressure on the stomach
(D)Mouth to mouth

20.An English Afternoon Tea is served between----------and------------.
(A)2 PM and 3 PM
(B) 3 PM and 5 PM
(C ) 5 PM and 7 PM
(D) 7 PM and 8 PM

21.What is HACCP?
(A)Hotel Association Conference and Convention Programme
(B)Hotels Approval and Classification Committee Programme
(C )Hindustan Allied Capital Control Points
(D)Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

22. A quality for making a good decision is :
(A)Give limited time to both parties to explain themselves
(B)Delay the decision making process
(C )Be just and fair
(D)Do not listen to the problem or situation

23.In cocktail terms ‘Spiral’ means :
(A)A long strand of fruit peel
(B)Served unmixed without ice 
(C )Poured over ice
(D)An oval shaped piece of fruit peel with the pith removed

24.Calculate the loading of an electric iron connected to a 240 volt supply when there is a current of 2 amperes :
(A)480 watts.
(B)240 watts
(C )120 watts
(D)60 watts

25.Cocktail Red Snapper is the variation of Cocktail:
(B) Russian Sunrise
(C ) Bloody Mary
(D) Salty Dog

26.------------is served in small shot glasses accompanied with a wedge of lime and salt.
(A)Polish Vodka
(B) Akvavit
(C ) Tin Maria
(D) Tequila

27.Island type layout of kitchen equipment in a kitchen is :
(A)Arranging equipment near the wall so that workers can stand only on one side
(B)Arranging equipment on the terrace of the building to get good ventilation
(C )Arranging equipment in the underground of the building
(D)Arranging equipment in small groups at the centre of the kitchen with hoods to carry smoke

28. Which is the incidental adulterant from the following?
(A)Tin from cans
(B)Harmful colours
(C )Mud
(D)Talc and chalk powder

29.Sparkling wines are served: 
(B)Room temperature
(C )With ice

30.Cash deposited by departmental cashiers at the end of day with Front office cashier :
(A) Turnout
(B) Disbursement
(C ) Turn in
(D) Petty cash

31.What is weaning?
(A)The process in which an infant’s diet pattern is gradually changed from liquid fowl to cooked solid food
(B)A process of removing impurities from clarified butter
(C )Filleting a type of European fish found on the sandy coasts
(D)Nutritional disorders affecting children due to protein deficiency

32.A Koganjosh is a :
(A)A rich lamb curry
(B)A creamy chicken curry
(C )A North Indianfish curry
(D)A Kashmiri rice preparation

33.Temperature control of the body is particularly the function of:
(C )Water

34.Practice of clean habits in the kitchen is the only way to achieve a satisfactory standard of hygiene. Which of the following is a clean habit?
(A)Washing hands in Potassium permanganate solution at the start of work in the kitchen
(B)Cuts and burns dressed with medicines
(C )Body odours covered with cosmetics
(D)Food should be tasted with your hands

35.Process of balancing account with departmental transaction information :
(A) Balance sheet
(B) Guest ledger
(C ) Trial balance
(D) Night audit

36.-----------is an important component of Chlorophyll, the green pigment found in vegetable foods.
(A) Calcium 
(B) Fluorine 
(C ) Magnesium
(D) Zinc

37.Consomme is a-----------------soup.
(A) thick 
(B) Parmesan 
(C ) cream
(D) Camembert

38.----------------is a hard cheese.
(A) Stilton 
(B) clear 
(C ) Boursin
(D) puree

39.What is potable water?
(A)Water which is free from pathogenic bacteria and is palatable
(B)Water which is filled in a pot
(C )Water used for washing clothes
(D)Water used for making ice

40.The plan in which room tariff includes all meals is :
(A) C.P
(B) E.P
(C ) A.P

41.Choose the correct statement:
(A)Fuse wire having 3 amperes is used in lighting circuits.
(B)Always switch on before changing fuses.
(C )Use a larger cartridge fuse or a* thicker wire in a re-wirable fuse.
(D) No fuse should ever be connected in the neutral side.

42.Duck’s eggs must be boiled for not less than----------------minutes.
(C )10

43.Difference between total payments and total charges is called :
(A) Account receivable
(B) Account allowance
(C ) Account balance
(D) Aging account

44.The tax levied as per The Hotel Receipt Tax Act 1980 on certain luxury hotels is :
(C )10%.

45.The foreign currency regulatory government bank of India : 
(A) World Bank

46.The. amount of body fat in men and women differs widely. In healthy young men •----------------of the body is fat.
(C )15%

47.What do you mean by single pole switch?
(A)A switch with four terminals which causes two breaks in the circuit when switch is turned off
(B)A switch with multiple terminals which causes multiple breaks in the circuit when switch is turned off
(C )A switch with two terminals which causes one break in the circuit when switch is turned off
(D)A switch with one terminal which causes three breaks in the circuit when switch is t urned off

48.A date wise record of events, guest complaints, requests etc is :
(A) Log book,
(B) Register
(C ) Black book
(D) Diary

49.An oval shaped Italian sausage made of pork meat, pork fat, beef, garlic, pistachios, cardamom, cloves, salt, pepper etc., filled in beef bladders and smoked :
(B) Mortadella
(C )Chipolata
(D) Strasbourg

50.The first step in Night auditing is:
(A)Complete outstanding postings
(B)Preparation of recapitulation report
(C )Verification of vouchors
(D)Totaling individual accounts

51.is a tear or break in the skin following an accident.
(B) Burns
(C ) Scald
(D) Fracture

52.Rancidityin fats and oils are due to :
(A)Carbonization of the saturated fatty acids
(B)Auto oxidation of the unsaturated fatty acids
(C )Air incorporation
(D)Decomposition of essential fatty acids

53.An area or section of a hotel which sells goods or sendees is :
(A)Operating centre.
(B) Revenue centre
(C )Franchise
(D) Support centre

54.Prevention of Food Adulteration Act came into force from :
(A)June 1946
(B) June 1955
(C )August 1975
(D) August 2011

55.Yield management is based on :
(A)Supply and Demand
(B) Pricing
(C )Target average prices
(D) Actual average prices

56.Prolonged deficiency of thiamine in the diet of the human causes the disease C
(A)Night blindness
(B) Pellagra
(C )Scurvy
(D) Beriberi

57.is both a journal and a ledger.
(A)Journal proper
(B) Sales book
(C )Purchase book
(D) Cash book

58.Containers used in Microwave ovens should be made of:
(C )Glass

59.How does Arsenic enter into food and cause chemical food poisoning?
(A)Using water contaminated from lead pipes
(B)Using fruits sprayed with insecticide during growth
(C )Using acidic food stored in poor quality enamel or galvanised containers
(D)From certain mushrooms used for cooking

60.Suitable temperature for bacterial growth is between :
(A)1°C and 8°C
(B)10cC and 63°C
(C ) 83°C and 100°C. 
(D) 0°C and -20°C

61.The pink colour on the flesh of Salmon fish is due to the presence of:
(C )Astaxanthin

62.What is Silver fish?
(A) A fish preparation 
(B)A small silver coloured insect
(C ) Name of a cocktail
(D)A deep sea fish

63.Fish Veronique is prepared with:
(A)Veloute sauce garnished with peeled grapes
(B)Deep fried fish served with tomato sauce
(C )Shallow fried fish garnished with mushrooms and brown butter
(D)Poached fish coated with cheese sauce and glazed

64.Meaning of the term 'thief used in wine trade :
(A)The empty space above the liquid in a wine bottle
(B)Type of pipette used for sampling wine from the top of a tank
(C )The act of filling a barrel or tank to the very top with liquid
(D)Removal of yeast sediments from the neck of the champagne bottles

65.Fresh poultry is mostly spoiled by bacteria of the genus :
(C )Mucor

66.When egg is cooked, Avidin present in the white of egg is completely destroyed so that---------------present in the yolk of egg is made available to the body.
(C )Sodium

67.The presence of‘fibre’ or ‘roughage' in the diet helps the body :
(A)to retain energy
(B)by the growth of body tissues
(C )in the elimination of waste
(D)to maintain basal metabolic rate

68.Which of the following small equipments are made of tinned steel?
(A)Pancake pans and Omelette pans
(B)Baking trays and Salmon kettles
(C )Colander and Chinois
(D)Cake tins and Tartlet moulds

69.Kwashiorkor occurs among infants and children due to the low intake of:
(B)Vitamin B Complex
(C )Magnesium

70.The size of the kitchen must be per worker 
(A)30 sq.ft
(B)40 sq.ft
(C )100 sq.ft'
(D)200 sq.ft

71.What do you mean by Gastronomy?
(A)The art and knowledge involved in preparing and eating good food
(B)Someone who enjoys and knows about quality food and drink
(C )Relating to stomach and intestine
(D)Relating to the preparation of food

72.Cheese is made by curdling or clotting of milk brought about by coagulation of: 
(A) Lipases
(B) Amylase
(C ) Proteases
(D) Casein

73.What is Leavening?
(A)To enclose oil in egg yolk
(B)Blending oil and flour
(C )Causing dough or batter to ferment, rise and making it light.
(D)To inject fat in lean flesh

74.Ham is taken from :
(A) Shoulder region of pork 
(B) Hind quarters of beef 
(C ) Hind leg of pig
(D) Rump of mutton

75.What is an Insurance Policy?
(A)A formal document containing the terms of a contract of insurance between the parties issued by the insurance company 
(B)A document signed by both the policy holder and the company
(C )A document signed by the policy holder
(D)A document explaining the policies of the Insurance Company

76.Which are the two spices taken from the same fruit?
(A)Thyme and Tarragon
(B)Cinnamon and Cloves
(C )Basil and Bayleaves
(D)Mace and Nutmeg

77.What is the meaning of the culinary term Mirepoix?
(A)Coarsely cut onions, carrots, celery, thyme, bay leaf etc.
(B)Minced meat with spices
(C )Sliced potatoes, tomatoes and cucumber
(D)Dressed chicken prior to roasting

78.-----------:--- is a water soluble Vitamin.
(A)Vitamin A
(C )Vitamin D

79.Braising is a combined method of
(A) Steaming and Boasting
(B) Boasting and Stewing
(C ) Boiling and Stewing
(D) Pot roasting and Oven roasting

80.What is the essential feature of a multinational corporation?
(A)A business enterprise doing only Food processing business
(B)A business enterprise doing only Hospitality business
(C )A business enterprise operating in more than one nation
(D)A business enterprise doing only Automobile business

81. Which method of cooking is commonly used for re-heating food?
(A) Baking
(B) Frying
(C ) Poaching
(D) Steaming

82.Food saltiness is detected on the —of the tongue.
(A) tip
(B) anterior
(C ) side and tip
(D) upper surface

83.Yolks of eggs and cream added as afinishing agent at the end of cooking
(A) Liaison
(B) Raising agent
(C ) Binding agent
(D) Seasoning agent

84.World Trade Organisation was established in :
(A) 1985
(B) 1990
(C ) 1995
(D) 2005

85.Sauce Andalouse is a derivative of------------basic sauce.
(A)Hollandaise sauce
(C )Veloute sauce
(D)Espagnole sauce

86.The energy value of food is measured in heat units called :
(C )Fahrenheit
(D)Mega joules

87.Consomme Alexandra is consommd :
(A)Of beef blended with tomato pur6e garnished with dices of Royale and dices of tomatoes, julienne of ham, boiled rice, vermicelli and threaded egg
(B)Garnished with julienne of leeks, celery, onions, mushrooms and chervil shreds
(C )Of chicken thickened with tapioca garnished with julienne of chicken, quenelles and shredded lettuce
(D)Garnished with julienne of thin pancakes

88.What is dehydrofreezing?
(A)Water present in the food is evaporated prior to freezing
(B)About half the water in fresh food is evaporated before freezing
(C )Freezing below -30°C
(D)Freezing food in vacuum

89.Gazpacho is an international soup originated from :
(A) Hungary
(B) Italy
(C ) Poland
(D) Spain

90.What is the volume of oxygen required for the combustion of one volume of natural gas? 
(A) 1
(B) 2
(C ) 4
(D) 10

91.An example for white round fish :
(A) Haddock
(B) Salmon
(C ) Herrings
(D) Sole

92.In transference of heat what do you mean by convection?
(A)It is the passage of heat through liquids and gasses
(B)It is a method by which heat travels from a hot object in straight rays
(C )It is the travel of heat through a solid to another
(D)It is the transference of heat through a vacuum

93.Chateaubriand is taken from : 
(A) Head of the fillet 
(B) Lower middle of fillet 
(C ) Deboned Sirloin 
(D) Brisket of mutton

94.Give the refrigerant used in a Refrigerator?
(A) Oxygen
(B) Dichlorodifluoromethane
(C ) Carbon dioxide
(D) Nitrogen

95.Name the bitter tasting compound found in the Citrus fruit juices and puree of grapes : 
(A) Naringin
(B) Pectin
(C ) Methyl ester
(D) Ascorbic acid

96.What is the purpose of Ball-valve in flushing cisterns?
(A)To fill the tank with water
(B)To drain out water from the cistern
(C )To keep the cistern filled with a supply of water
(D)None of the above

97.What is the use of Mandolin as equipment in a kitchen?
(A) To Mince meat
(B) To use as a braising pan
(C ) To use as a saute pan
(D) To thinly slice vegetables

98.The electric term Ohm measures :
(A) the power of electrical appliance
(B) the rate of flow of current  
(C ) the pressure of flow of current 
(D) the resistance of the wires

99.----------------from pineapple is capable of digesting the connective tissues and muscle proteins of meat and hence is used as tenderizer.
(A) Papain
(B) Pepsin
(C ) Bromelain
(D) Rennin

100.Food Safety and Standard Act was established in :
(A) 2000.
(B) 2006
(C ) 2008’
(D) 2012

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