1.The largest gland in the human body is :
(A)Parotid gland 
(B) Liver
(C ) Pancreas
(D) Thyroid gland

2.Which organ has cardiac muscle in its wall ?
(C )Urinary bladder 

3.The membrane that covers the brain is called :
(C )Pericardium

4.Spermatogenesis occurs in :
(B)Vas deferens
(C )Prostate gland

5.Growth hormone is secreted by :
(A)Parathyroid gland
(B)Pituitary gland
(C )Pineal gland

6.How many pairs of nerves arise from the spinal cord ?
(C )31

7.The following are the parts of the alimentary' canal except:
(C )Oesophagus

8.Neuron is the structural unit of:
(C )Connective tissue
(D)Nervous tissue

9.Prom kidney, urine is carried to urinary bladder by :
(C )Ureter
(D)Vas deferens

10.Which is the smallest bone in the body ?
(B) Incus
(C ) Stapes
(D) Malleus

11.Protein digestion in the stomach is initiated by :
(A) Aminopeptidases
(C ) Carboxy peptidases
(D) Pepsins

12.Deficiency of thyroid hormones at birth results in :
(C )Myxedema
(D)Grave's disease

13.Pulse pressure is the :
(A)Maximum pressure reached in the vascular system during ventricular systole
(B)Average of systolic and diastolic blood pressures
(C )Lowest pressure reached in the vascular system during ventricular diastole
(D)Difference between systolic and diastolic blood pressures

14.Glomerular filtration rate - normal value is :
(A)180 1/day
(B)120 1/day
(C )240 1/day
(D)300 1/day

15.Xerophthalmia in man is due to deficiency of:
(A)Vitamin B
(B)Vitamin K
(C )Vitamin E
(D)Vitamin A

16.In a 28 days menstrual cycle ovulation occurs at about the :
(A)5th day
(B)14th day
(C )20th day
(D)26th day

17.Most of the carbondioxide transport in blood occurs in the form of :
(A) Dissolved solution
(B) Hydrated form
(C ) Bicarbonates
(D) Carbamino compounds

18.The receptor organ for hearing is :
(A)Golgi tendon organ
(B)Spiral ganglion
(C )Organ of corti
(D)Taste bud

19.The pari of the brain concerned with temperature regulation in man is :
(B) Cerebellum 
(C ) Basal Ganglia 
(D) Limbic system

20.Cellular immunity is a function of :
(C )Neutrophils

21.Which of the following condition is caused by the deficiency of Vitamin B?
(C )Night blindness 

22.Excessive scaling of scalp skin is called :
(C )Pediculosis

23.The fatty substance which keeps the skin soft and lubricated and prevents skin drying is
(C )Sebum

24.What is caused due to the deficiency of thyroid hormone ?
(B)Cushing Syndrome
(C )Thyroid crisis

25.What is the number of neurons in the brain ?
(A)1200 crores
(B)1400 crores
(C )1600 crorcs
(D)1300 crores

26.Deficiency of which element causes Pernicious Anaemia ? 
(A) Zinc
(B) Sodium
(C ) Iron
(D) Cobalt

27.What is the respiratory organ of earthworm ?
(B)Blood vessel
(C )Lungs
(D) Mouth

28.If the Body Mass Index of an adult is 15-16 kg/m2, he belongs to the category :
(A)Under weight
(B)Normal weight
(C )Obese
(D)Over weight

29.Who is the present minister of the Department of Social Justice in Govt, of Kerala ?
(A)V. S. Sivakumar
(B)P. K. Abdureb
(C )M. K. Muneer 
(D)Adoor Prakash

30.Which of the following is a principle of health education ?
(C )Screening

31.What is ICDS ?
(A)Integrated Child Development Scheme
(B)International Child Development Society
(C )Indian Council for Disabled School Children
(D)Indian Child Development Society

32.Provision of initial care for an illness or injury, performed by a non-expert until definite medical treatment can be accessed is called :
(A) Ambulance care
(B)Palliative care
(C ) Hospice care
(D) First aid

33.According to WHO statistics for 2011, estimated incidence of Tuberculosis in India is :
(A)2.2 million
(B)3.3 million
(C )4.2 million
(D)8.3 million

34.One teaspoon is equal to :
(A)2.5 ml
(B)15 m/
(C )5 ml
(D)10 ml

35.Which of the following is the ideal method in disposal of human excreta ?
(A)Bore hole latrine
(B)Septic tank
(C )Pail type latrine
(D)French latrine

36.The department of Social Welfare was established under Govt, of India in the year :
(C )1964

37.Which of the following condition is caused by poor oral hygiene ?
(A)Sore throat
(B)Dental caries
(C )Leukoplakia
(D)Cleft palate

38.Which of the following drug is an example of antipyretic ?
(C )Salbutamol

39.In 1500 BC Rigveda called the disease Tuberculosis as :
(C )Scrofula

40.Who introduced the sterilization of surgical instruments into the hospital ?
(A)Calmette Guerin 
(B)Louis Pasteur
(C )Joseph Lister
(D)Robert Koch

41.Most common organism causing Pneumonia is :
(A)Legionella Pneumonia
(B)Mycoplasma Pneumonia
(C )Staphylococcus Aureus

42.World Health day is observed on :
(B)April 7
(C )May 31
(D)June 5

43.The average weight of adult Human lungs is about:
(A)1200 g
(B)2000 g
(C )2750 g
(D)400 g

44.Hemoptysis (Coughing out blood) is commonly seen in :
(C )Bronchitis
(D)Gastric ulcer

45.The anti TB drug which causes orange discolouration of urine and other body secretions is:
(C )Kthambutol

46.The first Indian state to ban smoking in public spaces is :
(C )Kerala
(D)West Bengal

47.The average volume of air inspired or expired during a normal respiration (Tidal Volume) is:
(A)750 ml
(B)500 ml
(C )300 ml
(D)150 ml

48.All are true about inhaled therapy except :
(A)Lesser amounts of drugs are used
(B)Side effects are less
(C )Patients should be trained about its correct usage
(D)Used only in severe conditions

49.X-ray was discovered by :
(A)Mary Curie
(B)Henry Becquerel
(C )Wilhelm Roentgen

50.Obstructive sleep apnoea is characterised by :
(C )Asthmatic symptoms

51.The vaccination used to prevent Tuberculosis is :

52.The most common form of Extra pulmonary tuberculosis is :
(A) Lymph node Tuberculosis
(B) Tuberculous Meningitis
(C ) Renal Tuberculosis
(D) Skeletal Tuberculosis

53.The term 'DOT Plus' is referred for :
(A)Treatment of TB patient in hospitals
(B) Treatment of TB patients with DOTS and supplementary food
(C ) Treatment of TB patients with DOTS and surgery
(D)Treatment of multi drug resistant TB

54.The drug used for H1N1 Influenza infection is :
(C )Oseltamivir

55.rhe term XDR TB related to :
(A)Extreme form of drug resistance
(B)X-linked drug resistance
(C )Adverse drug reactions to TB chcmo therapy
(D)Resistance to INH and Rifampicin

56.Which test is used to visualize and examine the airways ?
(A)CT Thorax
(C )Spirometry

57.The risk of developing I B is highest in patients with :
(C )HIV infection

58.Streptomycin was discovered by :
(A)S. A. Walksman
(B)Robert Koch
(C )Ronald Rose

59.Most important tool for detection of pulmonary tuberculosis is :
(A)Quantiferon Gold
(B)Tuberculin test
(C ) Chest X ray
(D) Sputum AFB examination

60.The minimum duration of treatment in a case of Tuberculosis is :
(A)4 months
(B)9 months
(C )6 months
(D)12 months

61.The genotype 44A + XXY is indicated by which of the following genetic disorder ?
(A)Down syndrome
(B)Sickle cell anaemia
(C )Kline feller's syndrome
(D)Turner's syndrome

62.Ovulation (Release of ovum) is induced by_____________.
(C )Oestrogen

63.An insitu method (onsite) of biodiversity conservation is_________.
(A)Zoological park
(B)National park
(C )Botanical garden
(D)Cryo preservation

64.Tuberculosis (TB) is caused due to the infection of_________.
(C )Fungus

65.If a double stranded DNA has 30% of Gusnine, the percentage of Adenine in this DNA Is
(C )15%

66.Which among the following animal group was the most species rich taxonomic group ?
(C )Molluscs

67.The most important enzyme essential for DNA replication is _ 
(A) RNA polymerase
(B)DNA polymerase
(C ) Isomerase
(D) Transcriptase

68.Of the following biochemical molecule, which one acts as an immunosuppressant ?
(C )Penicillin

69.The process of copying genetic information from one strand of the DNA into RNA is termed as___________.
(C )Recombination

70.Which hormone is popularly called pregnancy hormone ?
(C )Progesterone

71.Which one among the following is a false fruit ?
(C )Guava

72.The ozone layer is present in :
(A) Stratosphere 
(B) Thermosphere 
(C ) Troposphere 
(D) Mesosphere

73.The first trophic level in a food chain is :
(A) Herbivore 
(B) Carnivore 
(C ) Decomposer 
(D) Producer

74.Ripening of fruit is caused by :
(A) Ethylenc
(B) Auxin
(C ) Cytokinin
(D) Gibberellins

75.RQ value for fat is :
(A) More than one 
(B) One
(C ) Less than one 
(D) None of these

76.Chlorophyll contains :
(A) Magnesium 
(C )Iron

77.The enzyme used to join DNA fragments is :
(A) Endonuclease 
(C )Ligase

78.Wind pollination is termed as :
(A) Zoophily 
(C )Ornithophily

79.Lichen is an example for :
(A) Parasitism 
(C )Mutualism

80.The Kreb cycle occur in :
(A) Chloroplast 
(C )Ribosome

81.M. F. Hussan is a famous :
(A) Journalist 
(C )Writer

82.The best conductor of electricity :
(A) Salt water 
(B)Pure water
(C )Cold water
(D)Distilled water

83.For how long a person continues to be a minister in India without being a member of either House of Parliament ?
(A) Three months 
(B) Six months 
(C ) One year
(D) One month

84.The nearest planet to the sun :
(A) Venus
(B) Mars
(C ) Mercury
(D) Jupiter

85.The art of gardening is known as : 
(A) Agriculture
(C ) Sericulture
(D)None of the above

86.Whoamong the following is associated with operation flood ?
(A)A. S. Vaidhya
(B)Raja Ramanna
(C )M. S. Swaminathan
(D)Vargheese Kurian

87.The world Human Rights Day is celebrated on :
(A)10th December
(B)2ncl October
(C )8th December
(D)5th September

88.The first Malaylam actor who received Bharat Ratna award ?
(A)Prem Nazir
(C )P. J. Antony 

89.Which of the following disease is caused by bacteria ?
(C )Leprosy

90.Eczema affects which part of Human body ?
(C )Lungs

91.Which of the following disease is not a water borne disease ?
(C )Asthma

92.Which of the following persons resisted the power of Dutch ?
(B)Marthanda Varma
(C )Kunjali Marakkar
(D)Velu Thampi

93.The Renaissance leader of Mordern Kerala :
(A)Chattampi Swamikal
(C )Vakkom Moulavi
(D)Sreenarayana Guru

94. Who is known as Pulaya Raja ? 
(A) Ayyankali 
(B) K. Kelappan 
(C ) Dr. Palppu 
(D) Sreenarayana Guru

95.The Magnakarta of modem Travancore :
(A)Malyalee Memorial
(B)Ezhava Memorial
(C )Punnappara Vayalar Strike
(D)Temple entry proclamation

96.Present Governor of Reserve Bank of India :
(A)Ranga Rajan
(B)Vcnkitta Rajan
(C )Raghuram Rajan
(D)P. Chithambaram

97.Man of the tournament of 2014 Twenty-Twenty World Cup :
(A)Rohit Sharma
(B)Virat Kohli
(C )Sangakkara

98.U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon belongs to :
(A)South Africa
(B)North Korea
(C )South Korea

99.India moved to polling booth in 2014 for the _______general election.
(C ) 12lh

100.Name the personwho discovered the bloodgroup ?
(B)Hypolite Pikki
(C ) Jansen
(D)Horace Short

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