Teleportation is the name given by the science fiction writers to the feat of making an object or person disintegrate in one place while the exact replica appears somewhere else. How this is accomplished is usually not explained in detail, but the general idea seems to be that the original object is scanned in such away as to extract all the information from it, then this information is transmitted to the receiving location and used to construct the replica, not necessarily from the actual material of the original, but perhaps from atoms of same kinds, arranged in exactly the same pattern as the original.

A teleportation machine would look like a fax machine, except that it would work on both 3-dimensional objects as well as documents, it would produce an exact copy rather than approximate facsimile, and it would destroy the original in the process of scanning it.

A few science fiction writers consider teleporters that preserve the original, and the plot gets complicated when the original and teleported versions of same person meet; but the more common kind of teleporter destroys the original, functioning as a super transportation device, not as a perfect replicator of souls and bodies..



Teleportation is the ability of moving matter from one point in time and space to another point in time and space instantaneously. There are different types of teleportation available at this time both visual and physical teleportation are possible and we use visual teleportation as our starting point.

The different types of visual teleportation are. visual body or astral body teleportation, or visual object teleportation but before we can master teleportation we must first learn the art of Telekinesis/Psychokinesis and Clairsentience and the higher state of consciousness the seventh sense.

Other abilities useful in teleportation are Tele-Visualization and ESP (Extrasensory Perception). The ability of teleportation is used in Time travel, Interstellar travel, and Dimensional travel.

Teleportation is the near instantaneous transport of the Psychic from one location to another and there is no other form of travel faster then teleportation

When learning teleportation it is important to first train the mind in the art of stillness and learn the movement of energy that resides around and within us.

All living forms are made up of bio energetic fields of matter and around all physical object you will find the etheric structure of its make up. The ability to learning teleportation is studied in mediation and auric vision

The following exercise will help you with training the mind in the art of stillness and seeing etheric structures
When Working With This Exercise
You will notice the etheric field around you and other objects within your range of sight. This energy field is known as the etheric plane. It will appear as a thick white band of energy around objects. In stilling the mind you will notice the energy field appears to change to a golden colour this field is known as the mental body.

I recommended you do this technique daily for around 40 minutes
Concentration Exercise In Stillness and Energy

Print the image onto a white sheet of paper or card A4 size I used card. Make sure the image is in the centre of the card. it best printed about the size as you see it here. Then find a wall and tape the back of the card on the corner and place it on the wall. So when you are sitting its at your eye line.

Then move back about 1.5 metres from the image on the wall sit down. Use a pillow to sit on. Then stare at the black dot in the centre and as thoughts arise release them with the breath and return your focus to the black dot.

Do this daily for around 40 minutes and keep a journal to write down your feelings you get, the things you see, energies you feel, the movement of energy, and spiritual contact you my have. Even write the colour of the clouds and you see around you.
Lekshmy Vijayakumar, Sreedhanya M UnnithanT
Electronics And Communication
Lbs Institute Of Technology For Women
Poojappura, Thiruvananthapuram


Ever since the wheel was invented more than 5,000 years ago, people have been inventing new ways to travel faster from one
point to another. The chariot, bicycle, automobile, airplane and rocket have all been invented to decrease the amount of time
we spend getting to our desired destinations. Yet each of these forms of transportation share the same flaw: They require us to
cross a physical distance, which can take anywhere from minutes to many hours depending n the starting and ending points.
There are scientists working right now on such a method of travel, combining properties of telecommunications and
transportation to achieve a system -Teleportation.

Teleportation provides a unique communication system which
will enable a life-size image of a person to appear within a 3D
environment. You can make eye contact with individuals, use
props and hold true two-way conversations – communicating
naturally with anyone or any group of people anywhere in the
world, as you would if you were there. After all 80% of
communication is non-verbal. The only thing you can't do is
shake hand. More advanced than video conferencing . Video
conferencing has never presented itself as a realistic
alternative to face-to-face meetings because of its severe
limitations - only one person can speak at any one time
creating an amplified feeling of distance between participants.
Teleportation allows a more natural form of conversation due
to the lack of latency - people achieve a sense of presence that
cannot be gained from any other technologyHistory
Over the years the great barrier for anyone who experimented
on teleportation as Mr. Warner Heisenberg..Anton Zeilinger,
De Martini and their colleagues demonstrated independently
that it is possible to transfer the properties of one quantum
particle (such as a photon) to another--even if the two are at
opposite ends of the galaxy. Until recently, physicists had all
but ruled out teleportation, in essence because all particles
behave simultaneously like particles and like waves. They
presumed that to produce an exact duplicate of any one
particle, you would first have to determine both its particle
like properties, and its wavelike properties Yet doing so would
violate the Heisenberg uncertainty principle of quantum
mechanics.. The solution was based on a theorem of quantum
mechanics dating to the 1930s called the Einstein-Podolsky-
Rosen effect. It states that when two particles come into
contact with one another, they can become "entangled". In an
entangled state, both particles remain part of the same
quantum system so that whatever you do to one of them
affects the other.Thus, how, in principle, entangled particles
might serve as "transporters" of sorts. By introducing a third
"message" particle to one of the particles, one could transfer
its properties to the other one, without ever measuring those

Finally A Reality: Quantum Teleportation
In 1993, Charles Bennett (IBM, TJ Watson Research Center)
and colleagues theoretically developed a method for quantum
teleportation.Quantum teleportation involves the utter
destruction of an unknown physical entity and its
reconstruction at a remote location". Using a phenomenon
known as ‘quantum entanglement', the researchers force a
photon of light to project its unknown state onto another
photon, with only a miniscule amount of information being
sent between the two. This is the first time quantum
teleportation has been performed with a high degree of
The researchers explain that teleporting optical fields may
somedaybe appropriate for the use in communication
technology.The general idea of teleportation seems to be that
the original object is scanned in such a way as to extract all
the information from it, then this information is transmitted to
the receiving location and used to construct the
replica,perhaps from atoms of the same kinds, arranged in
exactly the same pattern as the original.Until recently,
teleportation was not taken seriously by scientists, because it
was thought to violate the uncertainty principle of quantum
mechanics, which forbids any measuring or scanning process
from extracting all the information in an atom or other object.
But scientists found a way to make an end-run around this
logic, using a feature of quantum mechanics known as the
Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen effect
Scientists found a way to scan out part of the information
from an object A, which one wishes to teleport, while causing
the remaining, unscanned, part of the information topass, via
the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen effect, into another object C
which has never been in contact with A. Later, by applying to
C a treatment depending on the scanned-out information, it is
possible to maneuver C into exactly the same state as A was in
before it was scanned. A itself is no longer in that state,
having been thoroughly disrupted by the scanning, so what
has been achieved is teleportation, not replication.

The Innsbruck Experiment
In the quantum teleportation process, physicists take a photon
(or any other quantum-scale particle, such as an electron or an
atom) and transfer its properties (such as its polarization, the
direction in which its electric field vibrates) to another photon
—even if the two photons are at remote locations. The scheme
does not teleport the photon itself; only its properties are
imparted to another, remote photon. Here is how it works:
At the sending station of the quantum teleporter, Alice encodes a "messenger" photon (M) with a specific
state: 45 degrees polarization. This travels towards a beam
splitter. Meanwhile, twoadditional "entangled" photons (A
and B) are created. The polarization of each photon is in a
fuzzy, undetermined state, yet the two photons have a
precisely defined interrelationship. Specifically, they must
have complementary polarizations.Entangled photon A arrives
at the beam splitter at the same time as the message photon M.
The beam splitter causes each photon to either continue
toward detector 1 or change course or travel to detector 2. In
25% of all cases, in which the two photons go off into
different detectors, Alice does not know which photon went to
which detector. This inability for Alice to distinguish between
the two photons causes quantum weirdness to kick in. Just by
the very fact that the two photons are now indistinguishable,
the M photon loses its original identity and becomes entangled
with A. The polarization value for each photon is now
indeterminate, but since they, travel toward different detectors
Alice knows that the two photons must have complementary
polarizations. Since message photon M must have
complementary polarization to photon A, then the other
entangled photon (B) must now attain the same polarization
value as M. Therefore, teleportation is successful. Indeed, Bob
sees that the polarization value of photon B is 45 degrees: the
initial value of the message photon..

The Makerbot Printer
Transmission of the information necessary to reconstruct an
object is not a problem; what we need are 3-D scanners and
printers. There is a fascinating open-source effort going on
now to develop a 3-D printer, called the MakerBot. The
MakerBot may work like a computer-controlled hot-glue gun,
squirting melted plastic onto a platform moved by stepper
motors. Under software control, it can reproduce plastic
objects up to about the size of a small milk bottle.The last
piece of the teleportation puzzle is a 3-D scanner that
generates data in a form that theMakerBot can use. Such a
scanner doesn’t seem impossible The possibilities are endless

Teleportation As Said Is The Feat Of Making An Object Or
Person Disintegrate In One Place While The Exact Replica
Appears Somewhere Else. On 8th June 2010 9.9miles
Teleportation-Which Is The Longest Distance Over Which
Photonic Teleportation Was Achieved To Date(More Than 20
Times Longer Than Previous Implementation)-Was Achieved.
For A Person To Be Teleported, A Machine Would Have To
Scan And Analyse More Than A Trillion Atoms And Send
This Information To A Receiving Station And Reconstruct
Him With Exact Precision. If Such A Machine Were Possible,
It’s Unlikely That The Person Being Transported Would
Actually Be “Transported”. Like All Technologies, Scientists
Are Sure To Continue To Improve Upon The Ideas Of
Teleportation That, One Of Our Descenters Would Finish His
Work At His Space Office Several Galaxies Away And Tell
Its Time To Beam Home For Dinner On Earth And Would Sit
Down At Dining Table As Soon As His Words Leave His
Mouth !!


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