Electronics seminars lists10
use http://studentbank.in/report-Speech-Reco...l-Networks for Voice recognition based on artificial neural networks
i need seminar on "Remote Accessible Virtual Instrumentation Control"
man please check it out this page http://studentbank.in/report-Remote-Acce...ontrol-Lab

why your not using the search fn
can u give a detailed information about ecg application by bluetooth data transmission and advancement in invertor technology for industrial application for my major project please
see this page http://studentbank.in/report-Advancement...t=inverter for invertor technology
Microelectronic Pills~
please read http://studentbank.in/report-MICROELECTRONIC-PILLS its dedicated to MICROELECTRONIC PILLS
plz send me information about Quantum dots
see http://studentbank.in/report-Quantum-dot...nocrystals for Quantum dots abstract
want more info reply there
please used to see http://studentbank.in/report-Zigbee-zapp...42#pid5942

for zigbee where report and presentation is included
Organic Electronics
see for http://seminarsprojects.in/thread-4680-post-5982.html Organic Electronics
require seminar topics on vlsi and embedded systems
use some of this

Evolution of Embedded Systems http://studentbank.in/report-Evolution-o...nar-Report
Smart Cameras in Embedded Systems
Linux-in-Embedded-Systems http://studentbank.in/report-Linux-in-Em...nar-Report
Terrestrial-Trunked-Radio http://studentbank.in/report-Terrestrial...nked+Radio

use search and more is posted, on different category
Voice recognition based on artificial neural networks.
Voice recognition based on artificial neural networks.
Global Positioning System
please read http://studentbank.in/report-Speech-Reco...l-Networks for Voice recognition based on artificial neural networks
and read http://studentbank.in/report-Global-Posi...stem--4278 for Global Positioning System
Teleconversation limiter
To prevent unauthorized or prolonged telephone conversations, a limiting device is attachable to an ordinary telephone set by means of a padlock means with removable key.A knob is provided for setting the timer which is enabled to rotate a rotatable part of the timer only after the knob has been depressed.The timer can be set only when one of the shut-off pushbuttons of the telephone set is depressed. The timer also operates to depress either pushbutton as the preset conversation time expires. The major disadvantage is that it is not possible to reset the timer or retard the movement of the timer in order to prolong the conversation time, because this may result in one of the pushbuttons being pressed on the telephone set and the communication being therefore interrupted.

detailed seminar report:
Adaptive Multipath Detection[/size]
i would like to know about a seminar on Adaptive Multipath Detection
Sir, please i need some information and ppt on "CRYPTOGRAPHY".
Multi threading microprocessors
for an abstract on wimax, visit:

Multithreading microprocessors will be posted shortly
Multithreading has been proposed as a method to reduce long latencies in multiprocessor systems. This is advantageous when one has large on chip caches, associativity of two, and a memory access cost of roughly 50 instructions. A small number of threads is enough, the thread system need not be xtraordinarily fast. The miss ratios are significantly less for multithreading because switch-on-miss multithreading introduces unfair scheduling.
A process runs until it misses on on-chip cache and miss request is issued to the off chip memory system and the processor switches over to another thread. The cost effectiveness of multithreaded processor comes from the fact that we can eliminate the lagrge intermediate level cache and making concurrent use of the processor and the memory system.
Data-Driven Multithreading is a nonblocking multithreading execution model that tolerates internode latency by scheduling threads for execution based on data availability. Scheduling based on data availability can be used to exploit cache management policies that reduce significantly cache misses.policies include firing a thread for execution only if its data is already placed in the cache which are called CacheFlow policy. Its main part is a memory mapped hardware module that is attached directly to the processor's bus which is responsible for thread scheduling and is known as the Thread Synchronization Unit (TSU).

studies of multithreaded architctures have primarily focussed on multiprocessor systems where several threads of parallel programs are maintained on each processor. Adding more threads leads to very fine grain time sharing leading to sharing of processor, network and memory system resources.

Multithtead cache behaviour
The miss rate determines the thread run length which determines the number of independent threads required to mask a given memory latency.There are several factors to consider for designing switch-on-miss cache design:
-cache size:
-cache partitioning
-cache associativity

Given the current growth rate, multithreading will become superior to others in the near future.

full seminar report download:
Wireless power transmission.

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