Ex.1:Find the average of all prime numbers between 30 and 50?
Sol: there are five prime numbers between 30 and 50.
They are 31,37,41,43 and 47.
Therefore the required average=(31+37+41+43+47)/5 199/5  39.8.

Ex.2. find the average of first 40 natural numbers?
Sol: sum of first n natural numbers=n(n+1)/2;
So,sum of 40 natural numbers=(40*41)/2 820.
Therefore the required average=(820/40) 20.5.

Ex.3. find the average of first 20 multiples of 7?
Sol: Required average =7(1+2+3+…….+20)/20 (7*20*21)/(20*2) (147/2)=73.5.

Ex.4. the average of four consecutive even numbers is 27. find the largest of these numbers?
Sol: let the numbers be x,x+2,x+4 andx+6. then,
(x+(x+2)+(x+4)+(x+6))/4) = 27
(4x+12)/4 = 27
x+3=27  x=24.
Therefore the largest number=(x+6)=24+6=30.

Ex.5. there are two sections A and B of a class consisting of 36 and 44 students respectively. If the average weight of section A is 40kg and that of section B is 35kg, find the average weight of the whole class?
Sol: total weight of(36+44) students=(36*40+44*35)kg =2980kg.
Therefore weight of the total class=(2980/80)kg =37.25kg.

Ex:6.nine persons went to a hotel for taking their meals 8 of them spent Rs.12 each on their meals and the ninth spent Rs.8 more than the average expenditure of all the nine.What was the total money spent by them?
Sol: Let the average expenditure of all nine be Rs.x
Then 12*8+(x+8)=9x or 8x=104 or x=13.
Total money spent = 9x=Rs.(9*13)=Rs.117.

Ex.7: Of the three numbers, second is twice the first and is also thrice the third.If the average of the three numbers is 44.Find the largest number.
Sol: Let the third number be x.
Then second number = 3x.
First number=3x/2.
Therefore x+3x+(3x/2)=(44*3) or x=24
So largest number= 2nd number=3x=72.

Ex.8:The average of 25 result is 18.The average of 1st 12 of them is 14 & that of last 12 is 17.Find the 13th result.
Sol: Clearly 13th result=(sum of 25 results)-(sum of 24 results)
Ex.9:The Average of 11 results is 16, if the average of the 1st 6 results is 58 & that of the last 63. Find the 6th result.
Sol: 6th result = (58*6+63*6-60*11)=66
Ex.10:The average waight of A,B,C is 45 Kg. The avg wgt of A & B be 40Kg & that of B,C be 43Kg. Find the wgt of B.
Sol. Let A,B,c represent their individual wgts.
A+B=(40*2)Kg=80Kg & B+C=(43*2)Kg=86Kg

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