agarbatti perfume making formula pdf
(01-08-2013, 01:42 AM)Guest Wrote: Dear sir,
I am Shahjahan Patel from Amethi u.p,
I want know about agarbatti perfume making formula
& compound's knowledge
please send to me detail for the same, my email
thank you

Dear sir I need AGARBATTI perfumes formula please send my mail I'd vartharanga[at]
Thanks for doing good job such as providing useful information.
I am looking forward for agarbatti making bussiness hence request you that please send download page link to my mail id - bipinpurohit_1995[at] and if you have data related machinery than provide the same.

Dear sir
I want to learn agarbatti's make
& perfume
Dear sir..
I am sathish j karnataka bangalore
I want know about agarbatti perfume making formula
& compound's knowledge
please send to me detail for the same, my email
EMail. Sathishgowdajj[at]
Dear Sir,
Please send me the details of Agarbatti or some details as below.
1] formula for making agarbatti.
2] fromula for making Perfume of agarbatti.
3] How to start small scale business on Agarbatti & which instruments I have required.
Its my mail ID paragkulkarni33[at]
(06-09-2013, 11:24 AM)Guest Wrote: Dear sir,
I am Narendra Toshniwal from Sangli Maharashtra
I want know about agarbatti perfume making formula
& compound's knowledge
please send to me detail for the same, my email
thank you

To get full information or details of agarbatti perfume making formula pdf please have a look on the pages

if you again feel trouble on agarbatti perfume making formula pdf please reply in that page and ask specific fields in agarbatti perfume making formula pdf
Dear sir,
I am Sanjay from Delhi
I want know about agarbatti perfume making formula
& compound's knowledge
please send to me detail for the same, my email
thank you
Dear sir,
I am Sanjay from Delhi,
I want know about agarbatti perfume making formula
& compound's knowledge
please send to me detail for the same, my email
thank you
I want civet perfume formula for agarbatti.
Very strong formulation for bringing.
Dear sir,
I am Amit Patel from Varanasi U.P.
I want know about agarbatti perfume making formula
& compound's knowledge
please send to me detail for the same, my email

Mobile No.7800212000
To get information about agarbatti perfume making formula refer the page link below



Slide 3

We have special Formulas for make best Agarbatti and Perfume. We are in this industry from last 10+ years and we have 3000+ formulas of perfumes & Agarbatti. If you want to make your Owen product (Perfume or Agarbatti) then We are ready to help you. we are giving all the guidelines from start up to be top for making your Owen Product.
This is a very wonderful Topic designed by us which specially guides the Agarbatti manufacturer who are confused

Which perfume to buy
From where to buy
At one time you get Strong and at next time Diluted one
Perfume is such a product that no one can check the Power while buying it - only have to Trust or accept what dealer is giving them. Our short-cut to compound making Topic has guided many small manufacturer to compete with Large Business Group and Competitively - Profitably sell their product in market.

It has been seen that all of them who are selling Agarbatti in market - almost majority will have

Same Smell and
Same Fragrance
Same Variety
As majority buy from same Dealer or suppliers. So the range which you are selling can easily be copied by your competitor and there is no such specialty or differentiation unless and until you buy very big lot - which is not possible.

So what to do ?
How you can differentiate yourself from other ?
How you can have specialty product ?
How you can have different range which no one else have ?

The only answer is to make your Own Perfume. By Learning our short-cut to Agarbatti Perfume you can

Create Differentiation
Launch New Fragrance which is not available in Local area
Bring Better smell than your competitor
Reducing the cost of Production and increasing Business & Profit.

This topic is divided in 3 parts
1] Making your own Blend / perfume
2] Increasing the Power of Ready Perfume
3] Some aromatic chemicals can directly diluted many time almost 7 to 10 times to apply on Raw Agarbatti

Normally 40 - 50 chemicals need to be added for making any Perfume but there are many formulas whereby by mixing 5 - 10 / 15 chemicals perfume can be easily made. Knowledge covered on

Fragrance Profile
Also in any perfume there are specific Chemicals which play almost 20-40% role play or are active ingredients. Normally as perfume manufacturer has to sell at specific price they cannot increase such ratio. But when you know such thing and by increasing or adding that chemical in ready perfume you can differentiate your perfume or can increase the power of such perfume.

Below is just for example or reference

There is Toast Sandwich [ Rs. 25 ] & Cheese Toast Sandwich [ Rs. 40 ]

Whose Taste is Best - Cheese Toast Sandwich
Which is Widely Sold - Toast Sandwich
What addition Sandwich maker Add - Cheese
What is addition cost to that - Rs. 4 - 5

The same goes for perfume - if you see Sandalwood Perfume of any manufacturer you will find 2 or more range

One will be - of Rs. 700 - 800
Other will be of - Rs. 1300 - 1500

Here by adding specific chemical [ the same way as sandwich maker adds cheeseÂ
Of Value - Rs. 100 - 200
You can bring the smell similar to the power of 1300 - 1500

Sandalwood [ Rs. 800 ] + Specific Chemical [ 200 ] = sandalwood perfume worth 1500
Easily 20 - 40% cost on perfume will be saved

Agarbatti making is one of the traditional industries in India. People burn agarbatti for religious occasions and also for aromatherapy, meditation and yoga. Agarbatti is a consumer product that the demand is found throughout the year and it increases in festive days. The scope and production of agarbatti making business is based on the individual investment capability. One can start this business as home based and can go for large scale also.

Raw Material For Agarbatti Making Business

Charcoal powder, sticky powder, nargis powder, raw bamboo sticks, water, various variety of oils, aromatic essence, flower essence , sandalwood oil, rose petals, natural and chemical aromatic ingredients, saw dust, thick paper, gelatin paper, scissor, waste paper, various colour powder etc are components that will be needed for manufacturing agarbatti. Decent card board box will be needed for packing. You can source the raw material from any wholesale shop or from reliable suppliers.

Plan For Agarbatti Making Business

In starting agarbatti making business it is important to craft a business plan. Among various quality of products, decide which type of agarbatti you will be making. Accordingly you will need to select the machines. It is recommended to have a project report in hand before initiating the venture. calculate startup budget with fixed capital investment like machinery, plant etc. and working capital investment including manpower, raw materials, promotional cost etc. Determine your business objective and marketing strategy. Creating a detailed business plan will also help you in arranging finance for your venture. Craft a catchy memorable brand name for your product.

Compliance For Agarbatti Making Business
Determine your legal pattern of the firm and register accordingly. You will need to obtain Trade License from local authority. You can register your agarbatti making business as SSI Unit. You will need to have Vat Registration. Protect your brand name by registering Trade Mark.
(17-07-2015, 08:54 PM)Guest Wrote: Dear Sir,

Since from past 1 year am manufacturing agarbatti but customers are not enough satisfied with fragrance though it is very Cheap. Kindly assist me to develop the product and provide me the fragrance formula.


e-mail: nagamallappa18[at]
Sir mujue Agrbatti dippinig process ki jankari chahiye thi
Sir I am subhas from hubli.Karnataka.sir plz send agarbatti perfume formula and email id is- sankangoudars[at]
Aggarbatti is the Indian name for the Incense stick, which is a well known product coming every class of people due to its attractive perfumery smell. The use of perfumery compounds started very early in the history. It would probably had its beginning with the Atlantions who flourished at a period conjectured to antedate the christian era by about 23,000 years.
Sir,how make perfume for agarbatti.please give me a idea
My name is Nilesh S Mishra I want to know about Agarbatti scenting chemicals

plz share me agarbati perfuming formula pdf .

thanks & regards

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